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  1. joz customization blog!

    New post online! Android Webserver
  2. joz customization blog!

    Been awhile again, still busy 'cause stock is for suckers
  3. joz

    Website testers wanted!

    Hey all, I'm looking for some people willing to test a little project of mine. I've been running a portal website now for ages on my server (which is now a QNAP TS-412) to have easy access to all my webexposed apps I run on my homenetwork. To get an idea of what this means check out this...
  4. joz customization blog!

    Been awhile, a bit busy lately Restock your droid's gallery
  5. joz customization blog!

    New post online! Fox on fire
  6. joz customization blog!

    Opened up a Facebook page. Just another way to check out what's new in the CustomBits world.
  7. joz customization blog!

    Been awhile since I last updated you guys here. The site has had a big overhaul. To see what it's all about read; Site update
  8. joz customization blog!

    Thanks Dragy! If you got some ideas yourself don't be shy to use the contribution form! Doesn't necessarily have to be in article form, suggestions about what to write next are welcome 'cause eventually I will run out of ideas. If you do, you'll get the honour of being mentioned as (co-) author.
  9. joz customization blog!

    Sorry Rekenaar, Just writing about my experiences a bit as they come along, this is one of those. I'll stick with posting just the one about this particalur subject here (cause the upcoming once will be about the same ;))
  10. joz customization blog!

    Hate to do this to you guys here but then again, now you can gloat over all the cool plugins you MP users can run :) XBMC, eXtensible Beautiful Media Center
  11. joz customization blog!

  12. joz customization blog!

    Logitech keyboard goodies
  13. joz customization blog!

    Windows 7 network libraries
  14. joz customization blog!

    Windows space saver
  15. joz customization blog!

    Unstock Windows with an Apple style volumecontrol
  16. joz customization blog!

    Easteregg CustomBits - Custom website layouts with Firefox
  17. joz customization blog!

    New article just went live; Webexposed applications and a custom layer of SSL
  18. joz customization blog!

    Thanks Rekenaar! Can use all the bits of promotion I can scrape together :)
  19. joz customization blog!

    Hey all, Thought I just drop this here since I know there are a lot of tweakers on these forums :) I just put a new blog live, dedicated to customizing your gadgets and everything related to your digital worlds, you might like it! Check it out here; CustomBits - Cause stock is for suckers Any...
  20. joz

    (Inofficial) New release major updates - NOW WITH SOURCE CODE :)

    I'd say read the error, the solution is in there; Drop the table Gamestemp from your MyEmulators.db3 (with something like sqlite browser). If you do not know how then just delete the complete DB
  21. joz

    [Android] Android remote

    d3vkit: May I ask why you forwarded the port thru NAT? Are you intending to use this app outside of your home network (do not really see any use for that myself)? If not then skip the port forward, it's not needed for traffic that's coming from inside your network (it is when it's coming from...
  22. joz

    Leaving my trusty MediaPortal

    Hi Simone, First off it's not really fair to compair the two I think for the reason that I have tons of plugins installed on MP and only a couple on XBMC. This was the hardest to leave behind, all this great functionality and tweakability MediaPortal offers but also brings a lot of let's say...
  23. joz

    Leaving my trusty MediaPortal

    Hey all, MediaPortal has served me very well over the last years but I'm leaving my trusty MP behind for daily usage and I am switching to XBMC. The main reason behind this is stability and speed, XBMC wins big on that imo. It's been a lot of fun tweaking and hanging around on these forums...
  24. joz

    New to Media Portal, quick question regarding multiple outputs

    Hmm, if you really badly want only one machine you might be able to get away with virtualization and thin clients. I do not really recommend this and do not have experience with these sort of things but technically it can be achieved. Will probably take an intel I7 or something to power it all...
  25. joz

    MyTorrents 0.70 Stable [Updated 13-10-2012]

    Re: MyTorrents v0.69.3 Delete the dll in plugins/windows folder
  26. joz

    HTPCInfo plugin v1.15.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: HTPCInfo plugin for MediaPortal v1.0.7 I noticed that infoservice can choke really easily on wrong encoded feeds (actually dotnet chokes and infoservice doesn't handle it). So the feed states it's UTF-8 in the feedsource itself but it's actually latin-1 encoded for example... It usually...
  27. joz

    NEW! MediaPortal Ventrilo Server is up!!!

    More of an IRC (or in some other way text messaging) guy myself but seems like a nice idea.
  28. joz

    [Android] Android remote

    Testing it on my desire now but the first little issue I came accross is that the Android app is giving me a hard time letting me type in my MAC adress. It seems like only numeric characters are allowed, which is ofcourse not the case for a hexidecimal thing like a MAC. Just reporting, going to...
  29. joz

    SleepControl plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: AW: SleepControl plugin for MediaPortal v0.8.7 Could not understand your question, try refrasing
  30. joz

    ShowTimes Plugin Suite V3.4.3 (2017-01-09)

    Re: ShowTimes Plugin Suite V3 Same problem here, I believe that the Maya skin either is a WIP or only supports older version. Try different skin such as streamedmp and see if it persists
  31. joz

    Maya SkinMods

    You mean with how it slides in on selected item? Than, yes ;) Almost done, will post. ---EDIT--- Files attached
  32. joz

    Maya SkinMods

    Inspired by the work done by the streamedmp team I did something similair for maya. Still WIP.
  33. joz

    StreamedMP not starting up at all (E_OUTOFMEMORY)

    have this one popping up with the latest streamedmp install on my machine currently. Looking for a fix, will post if I find something. ---EDIT--- Reinstalling did the trick for me!
  34. joz

    [Android] Remote Control Design

    If you do that you might as well just use Eventghost and the webserver and create a skin for that... I personally do not really need the remote part of the remote since I already have this setup. Stuff like nowplaying and music library browsing would be awesome though.
  35. joz

    HTPCInfo plugin v1.15.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: HTPCInfo plugin for MediaPortal v1.0.7 WhyTea: The reason nobody has answered you yet is because; a) There can be a meriet of reasons for this b) there's not enough info to suggest anything. Here are some things to check out; 1) Is the order of HTPCInfo Config when it comes to the sensors...
  36. joz

    Moving Pictures Social [Double Secret Beta]

    Re: Moving Pictures Social (Private Beta) Signed myself up for the beta! partly because I like guinea pigs and love to be one ;) Nah, all jokes aside, great work guys! Can't wait!
  37. joz

    Reopen mp on idle ::: 1.1.2 ::: 14-11-2010

    Re: Reopen mp script on idle Update 1.1.2 is attached to the fipo. The only new thing in this release is that the settings are now hold inside a ini file so people do not need to recompile if they want to change the settings of this script. p.s. When you want to compile this script yourself...
  38. joz

    My emulators!!!!

    English forum you posted too, try the french one. I cant read that much french, could help you in dutch (maybe, if I know a fix for your isse)
  39. joz

    [Plugin] [CLOSED] WOL-PowerManager

    :thx: for your work jojo1411. But I have one question, I have been wanting functionality like this but I'd rather see my NAS get poweredon when there's a play event. So when you click play it will intercept that press, send a WOL packet to the NAS, wait x seconds for the NAS to wake and then...
  40. joz

    Reopen mp on idle ::: 1.1.2 ::: 14-11-2010

    Re: Reopen mp script on idle I've done another AutoIt script to automate my NAS. It will check for bandwidth usage between timeintervals (configurable with variable) and when the bandwidth (either upload or download or both, configurable with a variable) drops below a threshold it will call a...
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