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    Norwegian WebEPG sources dead ?

    Hi, I've been looking for a Norwegian tV 2 grabber for the premier league channels. Is there anybody that has a grabber that import these? I know it's more of a MAF topic, but who are we kidding we are working with the HTPC for our own sake... Thanks for the updated grabber files, the CD...
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    [confirm] Macroblocks durinng live TV on specific tuner/channels

    Hi there, I can confirm that I have the same issue using PowerDVD9. The only H.264 channel with problems is the Canal + HD, all other HD channels work fine.
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    [TV] Live TV stuttering

    Hi again, When installing the Beta release I found the new functionality of the dynamic refreshrate changer intreageing, so... I activated it letting Mediaportal do the change and not setting up the scripts to do it directly against my Nvidia card. When I diabled this function the liveTV was...
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    [TV] Live TV stuttering

    Hi, I saw the same problem, however I have not done enough checking to post logs yet. It's definitly a change between the 1.1. and the 1.02 both alfa and beta releases have the same stutter on my setup. - Changing codecs does not make any difference - Changing timeshifting folder to...
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