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    1.14.0 MyVideo: nfo grabber imports only one part of stacked movies

    Hi Helios, can't remember anymore but I think stack extension should be preceded with SPACE char ie.: "Movie Part1.mkv", "Movie Part2.mkv" File name like "Movie-Part1.mkv" is not considered as stacked part. At least regex expression limits filename to be like that. Or should be partx as...
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    DVD resume doesn't work

    If you have time right now and relevant hardware and media you can check and trace in SelectDVDHandler.cs what is going on with DVD disc on play
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    DVD resume doesn't work

    It should be easy to pinpoint why it fail but I can do that later at home, don't have any DVD here at work :)
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    [confirm] Error updating video database

    Y, I remembered why you have this (global MP Internet connection check): Utils.cs line 404 public static bool IsConnectedToInternet() { try { using (var client = new WebClient()) using (var stream = client.OpenRead("")) { return true; } } catch {...
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    Movie Info Grabbers - Introduction / Updates / DevNotes / FAQ / General Support

    Added to scripts ftp (can be downloaded via Update from gui or config)
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    [confirm] Error updating video database

    Google is only contacted for movie cover searching on IMPAwards: ..... string url = string.Format("{0}+poster&", movieName); .....
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    [confirm] Error updating video database

    It's about Windows look and feel, usually it happens with Windows Classic Theme. Cure is: just enable normal Windows theme.
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    JFYI, I repaired locally share defined USB media PIN problem and visibility, so if user defines USB media in shares, they will not be visible in list except defined share and PIN will be respected.
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Just to add on USB chatting some things :), yes I can distinguish USB HDD from other devices and can integrate check if some folder is shared in plugins, not to be added to drive list though respecting what is defined in shares (there is drive letter problems as elliot wrote if you don't fix it...
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    No, setting doesn't exist, only auto-load (auto list folders) USB removable device on connect. Fix is not easy as it seems and will involve skin changes (GUI settings) and new Configuration setting and will do significant changes in all plugins + core. @catavolt , you problem was in MP always...
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    MP 1.6 - Title bars in "Video" windows have issues

    Just update scraper and remove those html code from title in config like Catavolt wrote.
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    [further infos missing] (Videos Plugin) When navigating over several videos info is shown for all videos.

    I know what troubles you and I fixed (+ including this) that long time before but unfortunately patch will need to wait because of changes in internal plugins handling.
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    DVB EPG Grabber runs in endless loop!

    I wonder how this will resolve ordinary Joe :). This is like rocket science.
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    No IMDB info showing

    Missing image in scraper is only for IMDB v.13. I uploaded recently my version where I disabled cover parsing in script. So if image exist on IMDB, EPG info should be ok, otherwise no info will be displayed (bug). This also affects all scrapers if image is missing or does not exist for searched...
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    No IMDB info showing

    Update movie scripts, script (IMDB v1.3) should get image now and you should see info until I remove that return statement in code.
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    No IMDB info showing

    You're not dreaming :), I made small stupid culprit when there is no image link in movie info, code skips setting skin properties :) Log.Error("GUIVideoInfo Refresh image: New cover image link is not valid -> {0}", imageUrl); return; -------> bleh, kill the coder :) ... GUIListItem item = new...
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    OnlineVideos [2014/09/7]

    I missing this badly :(
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    Actor listing missing from movie database

    Actors listing do not work anymore in lower versions because of changes on IMDB pages. As the parsing code was hardcoded in MP source, it's not repairable so in 1.6 all code was extracted to a csscripts and can be maintained independently of MP. So if something is broken again in 1.6, new...
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    MP1.6PRE und Keyboard Input Plugin ohne funktion
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    MP crashing when config Picture DB...

    Hi mm, this error is known problem in old versions of MP, there is no help about it. Can't remember if this is all fixed in 1.5.0 final or 1.6 pre (with Pictures thumbs rework), but in older versions it's just like that.
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    [fixed] Internal Video plugin: Unable to change thumb of a user group

    Y, true, I will fix that. Thx.
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    Generic Keyboard/Remote Input Plugin

    You can commit this as I use this from report time. No need to change anything in plugin except compatibility version and compile against net4.
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    MP Crash on startup

    I'm in debug mode currently :)
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    MP Crash on startup

    movingpictures.db3 database corruption. You will find many threads about this issue and how to fix.
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    Is there anyway to link straight into a specific view in MyVideos built-in plugin?

    Bleh, kill me, I always forgot to implement that in new release (patch was done before 3 years). Ok, it goes to JIRA for first next release.
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    OK, pushed test version for Load media for CD/DVD/BD devices (I can't fully test LOAD because I have laptop CD/DVD which must be loaded by pushing inside manually :)) Note: As there is no existing NET method to detect Opened/Closed CD/DVD tray but only using raw SCSI commands (which leads to...
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Ok, added and pushed in branch I will check that now, close drive command is not a problem, but detection of open tray door.
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Actually, this all is not easy as it is impossible to detect if USB device is one piece of hardware with media (like USB thumbs, HDDs) or does it supports inserting/removing media (like card readers) so now there is two EJECT methods, one is old MP one (EJECT DEVICE) for all "One piece USB...
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    Startup time for Mediaportal

    How to check and repair corrupted sqlite database: 1. Download sqlite3.exe from 2. Copy VideoDatabaseV5.db3 as bad.db to some folder (ie. C:\SQLRepair) 3. Copy sqlite3.exe from downloaded ZIP file to C:\SQLRepair open cmd (Command...
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Ok, pushed fixes for not disappearing drive from drive list after eject and "Eject successful" message when drive is in use.
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Y, I know the problem, will be repaired. About close, really don't know if it is needed, you can close it with Play button or by hand while you're at drive :), otherwise why you open drive in first place :)
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    The Odyssey (1997) - unable to scan for movie info

    It's not in the list as it is marked on IMDB as TV series and they are excluded in script From script code: bool bSkipThisEntry = option.ToLowerInvariant().Contains("(tv series") | option.ToLowerInvariant().Contains("(tv mini-series") |...
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    No Video Icons/Thumbnails after Re-scan of Database

    Update grabbers again (I, by mistake, disabled cover grab in IMDB 13 script, uploaded new one now) and refresh your movies so you can see covers (if they exists on IMDB site). Other cover sources (TMDB, IMPAwards) are broken together with fanart in 1.5 (it's been repaired in 1.6)
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    Changing language does not clear the cache

    The reason why in GUI this works is because GUI language change will clear font cache but windows MP language change just write setting in config but do not delete cache.
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    Changing language does not clear the cache

    Yes it is reproducible but you have do it like this (assume that you're from Hungary and you use MP for the first time, skin cache is empty, MP Windows setting will set GUI language according to user locale, in this case Hungary): 1. Clear skin cache 2. Start MP Windows configuration 3. Set...
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    Go to my video from the tvplugin selects always the database view

    It's in default skin mytvhomeServer.xml (hyperlink tag) <control> <description>Videos</description> <type>button</type> <id>77</id> <hyperlink>25</hyperlink> <label>3</label> <onup>76</onup> <ondown>8</ondown> <onright>99</onright>...
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    [fixed] [JIRA MP1-2469] - DetectDrive method obsolete ?

    Probably with some modifications (or rework :)), yes, but I don't have such a device so I can't do anything. All I have is digital photo camera which is visible in MP as it behaves like removable disk with some drive letter.
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