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  1. Paranoid Delusion

    Reinstalled HTPC - Black TV afterwards

    Glad its working, always scarey when these kind of reports come in :(
  2. Paranoid Delusion

    Reinstalled HTPC - Black TV afterwards

    Might just be worthwhile changing that and see if any difference, still not sure why that should cause no video filter to be added to graph.
  3. Paranoid Delusion

    Completed My Aluminium case

    That is one very very nice looking set up, much kudos to you :D
  4. Paranoid Delusion

    TVServer faster channel changes with XBMC

    Not sure that is the whole story, my start live tv is 4 secs and channel switching 1-2 seconds. @gibman, @Owlsroost any thoughts why the big difference seen by 2010.
  5. Paranoid Delusion

    Reinstalled HTPC - Black TV afterwards

    That is weird, everything you try to play shows as radio, so no video codec activates, only audio, so are you hearing sound. Have you got all codecs under TV set to Lav and defaultdirectsound device.
  6. Paranoid Delusion

    Problem with daylight time saving changes in EPG.

    Pretty much just should work, most of my channels use xml file, but some do grab epg from stream, these also are showing correctly time\program. Is there any time shift enabled in tvserver config, really should not be if using local time\channels.
  7. Paranoid Delusion

    Log why MP gets started/waked up

    This would be great information to add to the wiki, especially as this setting seems to be enabled as default (checked mine and it was). @TheBatfink please let us know if that resolves your problems, just as a form of confirmation, thanks.
  8. Paranoid Delusion

    Comskip Assistance plus one other quick request

    What you can try, my comskip folder is in the root of C:\ so C:\comskip which I have never had a issue with, try that and see if it makes a difference. Moving files around after recording I'll leave to someone else to explain who does that them self. Regards
  9. Paranoid Delusion

    Recording Woe's

    Hi JoeF How full is your hard drive, tv log shows successful recording of Hollyoaks on ch4HD, better if you give us the name of failed show, just so we do not have to read full logs.
  10. Paranoid Delusion

    MeedOS. The End

    A lot of us follow the progress of MeedioS, would be sad to see such a project die :( See their last commit was to SF 2 days ago, so hopefully all is not lost, just wish they had a much larger user base + feedback. Thats where we consider ourselves lucky, such a great bunch of people...
  11. Paranoid Delusion

    RAM Question

    Mismatched ram will run slower anyway, so keep the one with the fastest timings ;)
  12. Paranoid Delusion

    [other] some thoughts about Area 51 testing

    Impossible to maintain, sadly like most international groups we have to use a single language to communicate, which for the main is English just about every where (don't shoot me on that statement ;))
  13. Paranoid Delusion

    One Button Random Music?

    @hwahrmann repository shows version 2.0.2, MP extensiions installer 2.0.1, any chance of updating ;)
  14. Paranoid Delusion

    "Please specify the IP address or host name of the master TV service" problem

    Why is this happening, can anyone help pinpoint. firstly we need to know how you shutdown MP, via sleep\hibernate, via powerscheduler or power button, all these little variances effect everyone, so please help us to help you. Thanks
  15. Paranoid Delusion

    Find and delete old Images (orphan images)

    What you need is MPCleaner :D
  16. Paranoid Delusion

    Can't use TV or repair database

    Sounds like yours is set to local system run already, I would use workbench to create a new server instance and see if you can connect to that, deleting either user\server will not delete your db, so you can change these to your hearts content.
  17. Paranoid Delusion

    Can't use TV or repair database

    Has your setting for MySQL service changed to "Network" service, this will stop localhost access. See picture for what it should be, this was one thing I found when upgrading to MySQL5.6, not saying this is your problem, just worth taking a look.
  18. Paranoid Delusion

    MCE Remote Buttons Don't Function - Fixed Thanks

    Hi Norman A TRUE mce remote will always have RC6 on any label and install under device manager as ehome infrared receiver (usbCIR), chances are yours may use HID commands, so untick mce under MP config and select HID, if that does not work try sceneo setting. If none of these work then let...
  19. Paranoid Delusion

    Can/Does the EPG tell me when a progrma is 'unavailable'?

    No currently there is nothing in main epg, but would make a nice addition, put it forward as a suggestion.
  20. Paranoid Delusion

    lost power to LNB from hauppauge 4000 cards

    Hi Try changing the setting "allow cards to be preloaded" Info in wiki halfway down page, do this for each tuner, should now work, can you let us know if this is the problem as we may...
  21. Paranoid Delusion

    How long does it take until an Plugin is approved?

    If you want your old account email changing, just pm me, nice plugin btw ;
  22. Paranoid Delusion

    MYSQL 5.1 Configuration

    3306 is the default on MySQL, that can be changed using workbench if needed.
  23. Paranoid Delusion

    How long does it take until an Plugin is approved?

    Hi Chris Usually 24hrs, just curious, most people who create a plugin have some form of forum history, especially asking for input regarding potential uses and users. So do you want to tell us what this plugin is about. Looking forward to your reply. Regards
  24. Paranoid Delusion


    Could you give us your system build specifications, ie Windows OS, cpu, gpu, motherboard, ram and yes we know its 64bit, but which one. These may help us to find out why you are having these issues, which none of us find "normal". Have you got a single hard drive, or multiple hdd's, maybe...
  25. Paranoid Delusion

    [Pending] WebEPG - Patch for the ability to replace

    @Developers Is this patch still viable, can someone just please take a look. Thanks
  26. Paranoid Delusion

    Forward/Backward markers do no appear for ArgusTV

    A picture tells a thousand words, look like info screen showing for both Live TV and Recorded instead of skip progress, @ltfearme @trevor, any chance of having a look at this. Thanks
  27. Paranoid Delusion

    Forward/Backward markers do no appear for ArgusTV

    Downloading now to test, I'll see if I can find out what is going on, always hard for the Skinners to work blind if they do not use something like Argus themselves ;)
  28. Paranoid Delusion

    Forward/Backward markers do no appear for ArgusTV

    Are you confusing skip steps with comskip markers, latter requires changes not implemented in current Argus release, only beta. If skip steps then yes all works fine with Titan skin at least.
  29. Paranoid Delusion

    Help to add episode / season details to UK RadioTimes grabber

    Sorry Lisa, not much help with this one, as I use GuideEnhancer, which uses the to provide matching season and episode details to my Argus TV guide by matching episode name. I use xmltvGUI for the main channels, does radiotimes supply season info, did not think it did, as I only see...
  30. Paranoid Delusion


    Have you changed anything for your Windows installation, that may be causing you grief, also have a 64bit setup running fine, but just from some of the things you have said you have had problems with, sound to much like a corrupted windows installation, have you removed any major features, is...
  31. Paranoid Delusion


    Hi redknight Can you see if the 1.3.0RC which is on the same page lower down will download for you, because that has vast improvements and will shortly become MP final and therefore replace the 1.2.3 any way. ps. both links work for me.
  32. Paranoid Delusion


    If you are talking about The Mediaportal installer, this comes as a zip file with the executable inside, just in case your provider\sercurity blocks exe's from downloading. Would need link as to exactly what file you are trying to download as Edalex asked.
  33. Paranoid Delusion

    Check if MP is recording without opening application

    Hi Arunas Take a look at the htpcinfo plugin, will do what you want and more ;) Download
  34. Paranoid Delusion

    TBS 6984 Can't use more than 1 tuner

    Well you could see if it works with Windows media centre, if your system does not have access to that, then try Argus TV as a frontend for controlling tuning. If as they said, somehow power is being removed from lnb, pretty sure we would have had a lot more reports of multiple tuner cards not...
  35. Paranoid Delusion

    Forum Can we get a tab to show our posts?

    Hi nzdreamer55 Click on your name, that will take you to what you want, profile page ;)
  36. Paranoid Delusion

    TBS 6984 Can't use more than 1 tuner

    What power supply is fitted make\model\wattage\age ? Even though these are on a pci-e card, pretty sure they are usb based tuners,so power settings need to not allow usb devices to sleep, and also might be wise to set a 20 or 30 second delay before TVServer tries to connect to the cards after...
  37. Paranoid Delusion

    [no Bug] MP 1.3.0 RC crashes sometimes when exiting

    Hi Xtails Logs show failure to access mediaportal.xml for write purposes, have you got that directory (C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal) excluded under any antivirus\windows defender settings, weird it is saying in logs file is open in another program, so do as Holzi said, run MP in debug mode...
  38. Paranoid Delusion

    TBS 6984 Can't use more than 1 tuner

    Have you got a adequate power supply to the card, that can cause all sorts of weird glitches, preferably its own output from power supply, not piggy backing on another connection.
  39. Paranoid Delusion

    Old Entries not being deleted

    How does this work regarding recording tvseries, I thought old information was kept as a reference, maybe not the whole epg, just relevant title\dates.
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