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  1. userjan


    Not 100% sure if we talk about the same, but for instance in the "Watch Series" site there are multiple hosters, in the configuration you can set the "priority" per hoster, higher number, shows up higher in your list with hosters, that way you have your favorite hosters on top.
  2. userjan

    Smallest, cheapest client/extender for MP?

    This been a quest for me too, what i want is in theorie pretty simple, i just want to use my mediacenter in the livingroom to play music but like to play this music also in other rooms like the bathroom and in my barn and yard. I have been looking for a FM broadcaster, I think that would be my...
  3. userjan

    Avallonis (a skin based on Avalon)

    Absolutely love this skin, not sure if it's a Avalon or a Avallonis achievement, but the adding of menu items in combination with the breaking up of the online videos sites is great, make MP much more detailed. Few things I noticed: -I''ve created a new menu item "Music Videos" and chose...
  4. userjan

    Starting up Media Portal... Small screen problem

    Can't see your images on this PC so not sure what skin you are using, could it be the skin is not 1080 and therefore shows its real resolution instead of upscalling to for instance 1080? Have you tride to start MP with a delay ? (I believe theres a setting for that somewhere) maybe that gives...
  5. userjan

    OnlineVideos [2013/05/01]

    Same here, this happens when I press "stop" while stilll buffering.
  6. userjan

    new home menu

    you can do this with the multishortcut plugin
  7. userjan

    Windows Mobile Remote for music

    Im sorry I dont know, the only places i would know to look for wm software are ipmart forum and XDA Developers
  8. userjan

    Windows Mobile Remote for music

    This is for the 6.5 Windows Mobile, since you talk about a marketplace I think you have a newer Windows Phone 7
  9. userjan


    Ok, got you there, let me know if you work something out to make it easyer...
  10. userjan


    I can do that all with the remote, you are able to move the pointer over the screen with you remote right?
  11. userjan


    Did it from memory, should have known I can't trust that... "In the Settings menu, under Controls, there’s now a checkbox labeled “Allow arrow keys to control cursor”. If this checkbox is turned on, then Kylo will be set up to respond to the keyboard arrow keys (up, down, left and right)...
  12. userjan

    Support for a site request thread

    Not sure if it helps any but URL Helper spits out playable urls, not sure how to transform that to OV though. URL Helper - Find URL, Get URL of MMS, RTSP, Capture RTMP URL, Sniff stream URL, Get Link of FLV, MP4, MP3, WMV, RM, ... Page: FAIL Nation: Hey, Let Me Try FAIL - EPIC FAIL Funny...
  13. userjan

    Multishortcut - problem

    What program exactly are you trying to run?
  14. userjan


    I just press the menu item "kylo" Ive created with the ms plugin, i don't use any shortcut key for it, Rekenaar was explaining how to launch a program with a button on the remote in this post For...
  15. userjan

    MultiShortcut plugin

    As far as I know it should not be a problem.
  16. userjan

    MultiShortcut plugin

    Ok, I understand it is a little confusing, I thought about making a new post with instructions as they are now but I don't want to hijack anybody else work. First download the version 2.3 of this plugin...
  17. userjan

    Multishortcut - problem

    Not 100% sure what you want to do here, but if the videos you try to watch are online streams, you might be able to add them to the online video plugin, you can choose VLC as player in there. OnlineVideos - MediaPortal Forum
  18. userjan

    RTL XL

    Ik gebruik de RTLz Livestream veel, kun je deze ook toevoegen ?
  19. userjan

    Since 1.0 getting "No Video Found" on som providers

    Thanks Doskabouter, working great "by date", the quality is much better too.
  20. userjan

    Support for

    Working fine here, very smooth high quality streaming, Thanks
  21. userjan

    Since 1.0 getting "No Video Found" on som providers

    This is fixed for me with the 23 dec update (One thing I noticed was that old broken reports still show up in for instance watchseries, not sure if something is setup to remove reports after a fix, thought about adding a report that it's fixed now but i,m afraid it will be flagged as broken...
  22. userjan

    Kylo Web/Video browser

    Think you got it working by now, but this is the one thats working in MP 1.2
  23. userjan


    I use slacker radio a lot, really like there Indie and Alternative stations, the workaround I use is the Kylo browser Kylo Browser and use Multishortcut to start kylo, this works pretty good.
  24. userjan

    WorldWeather plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: WorldWeather plugin v0.2.5 for MediaPortal v1.2.0 or higher Thats my thinking too. Although i would not mind the logo in the weather screen either, it does bring some rules to follow for the skinners in the way they make the weather page, I think this is the main question, do we want...
  25. userjan

    Watch TV-series - No URL error

    There has been a update for the site a few days ago, have you updated the site in online videos ? (website Watch Series Online for free, Full episodes - Watch Series is working)
  26. userjan

    WorldWeather plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: WorldWeather plugin v0.2.0 for MediaPortal v1.2.0 or higher Hmmm, this is not the response they gave me, they will allow use of there data for free, but this comes with "rules" to follow. These rules are about visability inside the plugin and on MP website (like sponsor) . I can't...
  27. userjan

    WorldWeather plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: WorldWeather plugin v0.1.0 for MediaPortal v1.2.0 or higher Thanks, gave it a quick spin, working great so far....
  28. userjan

    unable to get I player working

    Right now i'm using app that I start with multishortcut, this works pretty good. The program will follow the connection/proxy settings of IE NeverMiss.TV
  29. userjan

    Is there something like one button online radio?

    It might be a little rough, but I think it should work, since you can play playlist files with "one button music" you should be able to "pack" your favorit streams into a playlist file. See if it works with the playlist files in the attachment.... (if it works you can just edit the .pls file...
  30. userjan

    My Daily Comics Plugin

    Some cartoons did not load, updated xml
  31. userjan

    My Daily Comics Plugin

    I've updated the XML with ±300 Cartoons (see "Cartoon list" attachment) Overwrite the current MyDailyComics.xls with the one in the attachment. Wolen: BC is also added.....
  32. userjan

    My Daily Comics Plugin

    Not on that site, i've added a few dutch cartoons from different sites though. I had some troubles with the other dutch cartoons, would have liked to add fc knudde, fokke & Sukke and the cartoons from, but i was not able to get that going. edit: XML for Fokke & Sukke and FC Knudde...
  33. userjan

    My Daily Comics Plugin

    I've add some cartoons to the plugin, replace the original xml file with the one in the attachment to add the sites (make a backup of the original just in case) @ there are loads of comics that are easy to add, see the xml example to add sites, example site xml (only red...
  34. userjan (YouTube music videos) (Updated 11-09-2012)

    Re: (YouTube music videos) (Updated 04-10-2011) Great plugin.... Not sure if it's skin or plugin related, but would it be possible to add "Download Video", "Add to Favorits" and "Add to Playlist" in the now playing screen, for the current playing track ? You might discover new...
  35. userjan, source ""

    Thanks Doskabouter, will give it a try tomorrow, let you know how it works.... Jan Edit: Working great, thanks....
  36. userjan, source ""

    This source is available on most videos, for sure it's on this one: Watch Online The Daily Show Season 17 Episode 17 - Hugh Jackman (2011.10.05) - Watch Series (you might have to click "show all links" or select domain "" before it shows up) This links to: Watch Series - LINK...
  37. userjan, source ""

    I use a lot with just my browser, one of the most solid source for me seems to be "" this source does not show up in Onlinevideos though, can this be added ? Thanks Jan
  38. userjan

    [News] MediaPortal 1.2.0 final release details

    Great news.... I'm also really happy there are some plans to cleanup the plugin forum, it started to get a little out of control. Not sure what others think about it, but would it be a idea to allow plugins quicker to the "maintained/popular" section of the forum ? Would be great to have...
  39. userjan

    Backdrop - Skin (RELEASED!!!)

    I've tride to add some backgrounds to the online video plugin. So far the Countries folders and English sites have backdrops, for most of the websites i could not find large logo backgrounds so i made printscreens for this from the websites. If you want to give this a try please download...
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