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    MP2 - V2.1 Main Menu Full Screen (Shortcut F)

    Strange, but after restart its working, if a find the sequence when its stopping to work I will write. Skin BlueVision, theme - default. Thank you for your attention
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    MP2 - V2.1 Main Menu Full Screen (Shortcut F)

    MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.1.3 Description Full screen shortcut didn't work in if you are in main screen. example I am watching Live TV, entered to main screen, press full screen didn't work, must enter TV menu or something else, then press Full Screen. Steps to Reproduce: Make fiil screen...
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    IMON+Logitech Harmony

    IRSS didn't detect my IMON receiver, beside irss kills imon manager, so its not the solution.
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    IMON+Logitech Harmony

    Hi, how to setup Imon + Logitech Harmony with MP2 ? In Imon remote is setup as MCE, works only few buttons: arrows, OK. What is keyboard shortcuts for play,pause,rewind and all other functions ? Its impossible normally control MP2.
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    Crashes on every video

    One question more. This means what the default audio language will be set by culture info ?
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    Crashes on every video

    This is itI changed "PreferredAudioLanguage" to 1033 manualy, and now everything works. Thanx. :)
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    Crashes on every video

    MP2 crash on every video I'm try to play. Live TV works on SD and HD channels
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    OnlineVideos [2017/05/15]

    Mostly all videos in youtube search didn't work. Buffering, connection lost. The same youtube videos works fine with another program (xbmc)
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    Scrambled channels not working

    ha ha you are trying to rescue sinking ship
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    Scrambled channels not working

    No, its good reason to use dvbviewer recording service and Kodi
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    HEVC/X265 - 100% cpu load

    your CPU is too weak for H265, must use something from i7 family.
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    xbmc (Frodo) with pvr functions

    Now Kodi 14 alpha is working just great, great work with DVBiewer Recording service, channel switching now fast, all movies playback is perfect. Now I can combine two betters programs dvbviewer (recording service) for TV and Kodi.
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    [fixed] No cyryllic characters in the EPG in 1.8.pre

    cyrillic channel names didn't show in channel list, EPG. Skin Titan.
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    [WiP] BasicHome / BasicHome Editor

    To be or not to be this year of BasicHome Editor ? Almost half of year past, but no alfa, no beta. And at all maybe all screenshorts made with Photoshop :)
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    IMAP POP3 for Titan Skin

    Maybe anybody have the Titan skin files for IMAP & Pop3 Email Manager, the MyeMailManager dll plugin works with MP 1.3.0 Beta, only we need the skin files. Tried to do semethink to look like Titan skin from another Skin Skin files and dll placed her.
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    MyTorrents 0.70 Stable [Updated 13-10-2012]

    Try this, and where is basichome.xml to show torrent in Titan Home, Torrents are shown instead of Info Service Window id=500
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    MyTorrents 0.70 Stable [Updated 13-10-2012]

    Thanx, everyting works, just i lot complicated regex was from tracker site.
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    MyTorrents 0.70 Stable [Updated 13-10-2012]

    It is posible to add new torrent site for search or its hardcoded to dll files ? I tried to add tracker and engine to MyTorrents.xml but no luck at all. Tried to write parse strings, su I can get only TTile and TId, but search results 0. The tracker I need to add is, maybe...
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    Releasing MediaPortal 2 Alpha version

    It will be nice in v2 to do, default screen black, after esc. show menu, after esc, hide all menu and show your last choice like TV, video and etc. Now an example, I'm watching video, and after seeing the weather I can't go back to full screen video after pressing esc key. Where is no default...
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