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  1. smnnekho

    Hardware für SKY

    Nein. S02 = Alphacrypt (aber nur Sky(HD)) V13 = Unicam (Sky und HD+)
  2. smnnekho

    [Android] aMPdroid 0.7 - Android Remote Control

    Re: [Android] aMPdroid 0.6 - Android Remote Control Despite having Vplayer installed trying to stream unfortunatly crashes the app. I'm using VPlayer 0.94 (unlocked)
  3. smnnekho

    [Android] aMPdroid 0.7 - Android Remote Control

    Re: [Android] aMPdroid 0.6 - Android Remote Control I have to say i anticipated the release VERY much and so far I'm totally impressed. I've tested it on my Motorola Milestone as well as on my Galaxy Tab (P1000) and it work pretty much out of the box. I really like the feature to actually...
  4. smnnekho

    [Plugin] Sense 0.2 Alpha (control MediaPortal using Kinect)

    Would it be possible to have something like a context sensitive control overlay? Like when you do a specific gesture a circle with possible controls / screens pops up and you can select an option via waving your had (kinda roulettelike)? That would be awesome. Looks like i really need to buy...
  5. smnnekho

    [Android] Android remote

    Nice, i am really looking forward to this. If you need someone to test it at some point, i can offer a moto droid and a samsung galaxy tab (on which i am eaget to use this someday) (-:
  6. smnnekho

    iPiMP 5.1.0 is released

    Just wanted to report that the experience on my samsung galaxy tab is perfect. Streaming livr tv and recording works like a charm with the new flash option. Its just too bad that you cant seek in a recording to jump through the commercials, but i guess thats the downside of the streaming...
  7. smnnekho

    Rockstar - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark&Rdio)

    Re: Rockstar Beta 1.0 - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark) Any chance for more detail on "soon" (-; my finger hurts from pressing F5
  8. smnnekho

    Rockstar - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark&Rdio)

    Re: Rockstar Beta 1.0 - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark) well, neither do we in germany (Hulu & Spotify)... but grooveshark is great (-;
  9. smnnekho

    Rockstar - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark&Rdio)

    Re: Rockstar Beta 1.0 - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark) Pressing f5 pressing f5 pressing f5 (-; cant wait. . . The video looks great!
  10. smnnekho

    iPiMP 5.0.0 is released

    Is flash streaming available? I read that somewhere, but i can only find rhe silverlight option. Flash could be a possibility for live tv streaming on my galaxy tab (android). Ipimp runs great on it otherwise though
  11. smnnekho

    Android: What is your experience?

    did you find a solution to your problem or do you mind to share anyways? I did not find any way to properly stream tv to my samsung galaxy tab yet. . .
  12. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    Wow, that does indeed sound impressive. When you say you code something similar to WSR, does that mean it will have the same function or be completly restricted to MP. I would really like to be able to do some funny stuff additionally, like let read back the weather or the news etc. If...
  13. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    I am currently in contact with a very helpful microsoft employee to sort that out. He already tipped me with an solution on how to stop a speakmacro from processing. .. so i can just say "stop" when i heard enough headlines. My idea would be to pack ALL commands wsr recognizes in one macro...
  14. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    There seems to be a misunderstanding here - i didn't choose the name WSRmac (windwos speech recognition) - microsoft did. it already exists and it's not a mediaportal plugin. it is just an extension for the already available speech rec. in vista and win7. you can download it for free and use it...
  15. smnnekho

    myVoice Open Beta

    I opened uup a thread here:
  16. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    ... you'll never know how much Space you'll need
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    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    Some other MP-controlling examples (not yet translated) <command> <listenFor>Auswählen</listenFor> <listenFor>Enter</listenFor> <sendKeys>{ENTER}</sendKeys> </command> <command> <listenFor>Zurück</listenFor> <sendKeys>{ESC}</sendKeys> </command>...
  18. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    Examples: This a Syntax example how to pause the current playback: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <speechMacros> <command> <listenFor>Pause</listenFor> <listenFor>Hold ?Playback</listenFor> <listenFor>Resume ?Playback</listenFor>...
  19. smnnekho

    [How To] Control Mediaportal with your voice using WSRmac

    This thread is a work in progress... Some Time Ago i was fascinated by booyakasha's attemp to control Mediaportal via Voice MyVoice. I tried to help with the project until i switched to vista which was no longer supported. That's when i switched back to my MCE-remote and forgot about the...
  20. smnnekho

    myVoice Open Beta

    I'll open a new thread this weekend, probably in this section: other Input / Ouput interfaces - MediaPortal Forum My Macros are pretty simple yet - but i sure will share them (they're not translated yet though - still in german). I'm still trying to find a more appropriate way to deal...
  21. smnnekho

    myVoice Open Beta

    It does not work on Vista and neither with windows 7 as far as i know (they both share the same speech recognition anyways). BUT The vista speech engine is well capable of controlling mediaportal itself - at least since the release of WSR macros [ Windows Speech Recognition Macros - Home...
  22. smnnekho

    [other] Feature-Request: Project Natal?

    bill gates mentioned in a cnet interview that natal WILL be (either able or available) for use with a windows PC... ... i'm pretty sure even without an integrated out-of-the-box support for mediaportal it'll be possible to act through scripted events or mapped movement/voice to key software...
  23. smnnekho

    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    changing the TVS port to default 554 did the trick... everything runs just fine now!
  24. smnnekho

    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    i just saw this: 22-10-2009 10:42:18.894 [cbc]open rtsp:rtsp://MePo:0/FF8E523A 22-10-2009 10:42:18.895 [cbc]CRTSPClient::OpenStream() 22-10-2009 10:42:18.895 [cbc]CRTSPClient::getSDPDescriptionFromURL() 22-10-2009 10:42:18.895 [cbc]Failed to get a SDP description from URL...
  25. smnnekho

    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    While i'm busy debugging my problem, maybe someone could give me a hint? I made a clean install (completly from scratch including vista & everything) with test4 unlocked and everything runs fine (including live TV). But when i try to playback a recording it says: Playing not Possible...
  26. smnnekho

    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    ... and while you are as me investigating: do you see a possibility in using the TruTheater-Goodies (upscaling, sharpening, natural motion etc) in Mediaportal? As far as i know thise setting don't apply to Directsho-usage right? would be too bad though. So Far these option are greyed out for...
  27. smnnekho

    PowerDVD 9 released

    i'm just downloading and try it out. it has some upscaling stuff in it like windvd. i hope its not just DVD's again although i assume it is restricted to it (which means it wont work for TVrecordings) i would be a lot more interested in any facts about using it's upscaling capabilties in...
  28. smnnekho

    Netbook powerful enough for SDTV MP-Client?!

    i own a eeepc 1000h with windows 7 beta (and XP) and did not encounter any problems when using the netbook as a client over wlan with neither of them. live tv, xvid & co as well as recordings and mp4 were fine.... i even managed to play back a 720p file with quite a low bitrate... evrything...
  29. smnnekho

    Stream TV over WAN possible?

    dude, i seriously want to have your internet connection if you're actually capable of streaming "uncompressed" mpeg2.... what is your uplink speed? i seriously doubt that it would be sufficiant for what you're trying to do. anyways, i use VLC for streaming of tv over wan sometimes, but...
  30. smnnekho

    Self Contained Web Server / Interface

    I am somehow unable to download from the link in Post#1. Would it be possible to host it somewhere else... maybe even in the Respository ? This is what i get: People Telecom - It's all about you The page you have requested cannot be found (HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not...
  31. smnnekho

    MoMPt Plugin

    i'll check it out, sounds promising. could it be of any use for my PDA (WM 6) right now? (referring to: )
  32. smnnekho

    How to Stream Live-TV to you PDA via UMTS

    Hey... I have managed to get all my music @ home to be accessable from anywhere with my tytn II PDA via UMTS (HSDPA). For those who're interested, i used the squeezecenter from logitech for this.... really cool. anyways, in my not-getting-my-throat-full mentality i want more: view live tv...
  33. smnnekho

    WinDVD 9 - Besser als PowerDVD ?

    kann den intervideofilter nur bei DVD auswähen. da funktioniert er auch und wird auch benutzt, alerdings ohne upscae und ohne natura motion, und so weit ich das sehe ohne die mglichkeit es zu aktivieren...
  34. smnnekho

    WinDVD 9 - Besser als PowerDVD ?

    also ich habs grad mal getestet und eine dvd angeschaut mit upscaing & natural motion alles auf beste qualität. das ist wirklich der hammer. vor allem die neutralisierung des 60hz problems. leider konnte ich bis jetzt nichts außer dvds abspielen, also keine h264 aufnahmen (ts) keine sd...
  35. smnnekho

    very slow menu cycling after using f9 / or "i" button on remote to open it

    i do have the same problems, but it doesnt matter which kind of videorelated media i play back. it happens for xvid, x264 even tv and recordings, and as soon as the video is stopped (i dont need to skip in the video to reproduce) overlays like context menues or the miniepg is reacting on...
  36. smnnekho

    TV Service / Premiere

    Versuch doch mal den service in services.msc auf manuell zu setzen und eine batch datei in die autostart zu setzen. Diese bat enthält dann ein delay und startet die tvservice.exe manuell. Denke aber daran, dass man einen service nicht wie eine Anwendung starten kann, d.h. entweder über...
  37. smnnekho

    Monochrome (for those who like dark skins), updated...

    hey, i just checked out your new version and dare to remind you of my post some pages ago (-; i attached the file here again (-;
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    ?? siehe 2 posts aufwärts
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    Meine DVD wiedergabe von nicht DVD`s > MPEG / AVI ?

    Eigentlich hast du dir die Antowrt ja schon selbst gegeben (-; Für Datenträger mit diversen anderen Formaten solltest du das MyMovies Modul benutzen.
  40. smnnekho

    Helligkeit bei Filmen, etc...

    Das liegt daran, dass MP Videos nicht über Overlay ausgibt. In den Einstellungen deiner Grafikkarte solltest du Videofarbwerte verändern können (z.B. Nvidia oder ATI control center) Je nach benutzem Codec hat auch dieser dementsprechende Einstellungen (purevideo, cyberlink) Sollte nicht...