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    sometimes strange picture

    Well I know my geforce2 isn't much, but it has been running ok for 3-4 weeks now. My problem just started a few days ago.
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    sometimes strange picture

    What I ment by saying it did not happend while watching TV, it does not occor when I am watching TV for a while. If MP starts and the picture is fine I can watch for hours, the problem only occors (sometimes) when I start MP (or turn tv on/off in My TV). I dont use a TV I use an Iiyama CRT...
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    sometimes strange picture

    Area: My TV MP Version: RC1 Skin: Blue 2 Windows Version: Windows XP SP2 (+all updates) CPU Type: AMD 3200+ Memory: 512 MB Motherboard Chipset: Asrock K7S8E (SiS748 + 964) Video Card: Leadtek Geforce 2 400 MX Video Card Driver: Detonator 78.01 Video Render Type: VMR9...
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    automatic start (fullscreen) TV

    I would like to start viewing TV when windows boots up. Now when windows boots MP is started and i see the default menu with the cursor standing on 'my music'. Is there a way I can write a .bat script witch sends the right parameters to mediaportal.exe in order to get it starting the TV righ...
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