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    ASF codec with TV gemist plugin

    It is not your setup that prevents you from looking at the selected program. To make sure you can play it from your browser at the official web pages. It has to do with incorrect view or path to the program, nothing you can do about. Try another tv program it might work. Also there are 2...
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    Mediaportal prevents Hibernation/Power Off

    Read suggestion:
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    Where is DScaler codec?

    When installing RC3 (from RC1) I noticed the DScaler codec was not included anymore. Also the uninstall RC1 removed the DScaler codec on my system. Why is this? The DScaler was performing a lot better on my system than the MPV codec, so I am disappointed to use again RC1 at the moment. Actually...
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    Add header to MP Configuration sections/pages

    Just to make it very clear when setting the parameters for MP: Add headers to the sections/pages from the configuration screen (on the right side -> from the left side). Nowadays there are so much settings to be checked, it would be a help when seeing on the right page which section/page...
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    Radio import and export function

    Just a very simple improvement (in my point of view)...but very time saving when doing a reinstall. Please add functionality to export and import Radio stations settings. Have a nice day!!
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    MPI Installer download is not available

    MPI Installer download is not available Is there also a secondary download space?
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    plugin for the website

    Okay...latest SVN version also works with RC1 !! I am happy...thanks for plugin! Only first left letters of the buttons are outside my screen, but no big problem.
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    plugin for the website

    Well, I was a little bit sleeping... Description is basically as described on page 2. But I was looking into the wrong folder, 1 is complete useless and the others should be placed in the correct subdirectories of mp. Ohh, but with me it doesn't seem to work with the RC1 release...
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    plugin for the website

    Sorry can someone give me a specific installation description of the WWITV plugin. The description on page 2 seems outdated with the current plugin files I downloaded. And the "Readme.txt" doesn't give me a clear description also. Thanks in advance.. BTW: I am going to install it in the...
  10. T plugin

    Thanks for the plugin, it works very good with the feature release The addition of RTLGemist is really great.
  11. T plugin

    No, I cannot browse at all. I do not see any programs. I only see the 3 buttons on the left side... I use MP at the moment. Should this only work with the feature release?
  12. T plugin

    I think it is great this plug-inn is still in development, I use it a lot. The new addition with RTLGemist is a great improvement, only I get no programs visible !? I am not sure, but is this the status of the plugin or is it just my setup that is apparently incomplete? Thanks to the...
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    IP/Web Camera Plugin

    I already use MP for viewing through an IP Camera :-)) It is an Axis camera that provides a MPEG4 stream. I can watch this via a RTPU stream with the Radio plugin... It supports a resolution to 640*480 so this is almost fullscreen. And I agree that it would be nice to have a (separate)...
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    Is it possible to change the title "Uitzending gemist" in the home screen ? I like to shorten the name, because it only shows "Uitzending Gemi"... probably the name is too long for my 4:3 screen with mce skin.
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    Install MP incl. codecs after full installation of MP

    MediaPortal Version: MediaPortal Windows Version: Windows XP SP2 CPU Type: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ HDD: Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 200 GB Memory: Twinmos 1GB DDR400 (running 333) Motherboard: MSI MEGA 180 Motherboard Chipset: nVIDIA nFORCE2 (Crush 18G) + MCP2T Motherboard Bios...
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    Just another codec question...

    I am planning to make a full reinstall of my pc, so I reconsider some setup questions regarding codecs. Actually I have 2 questions: * I see in the tips & trics section that with the NVIDIA Purevideo decoder still al lot of registry adjustment are necessary to make it work to the maximum. Is...
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    Surveillance camera Plugin Request

    This is also very interesting for me... I am planning to buy a (wireless) camera and attach this on the bed of my little babygirl, so I can watch her on the fly during a movie or so. It would be so cool to see this through MP. Unfortunately I am not a programmer, but if I can be of any...
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    Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

    In see Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 is available for download at Microsoft. I assume there is no problem installing this in combination with MP? :)
  19. T Internet Radio Streams do not play

    I can also confirm, I installed folowing drivers from Hauppage site: pvr150250350_inf pvr250_22_23070.exe ir32_245_22350.exe . .
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    Dutch TV guide

    Nice link...good information about installation of MP in Dutch, my compliments.
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    MCE skin: Problem with navigation in my music

    I edited the title, because I understand now that this is a skin bug and not a remote one. Error description and stays the same. Probably the thread ( has kind of the same problem area.
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    MCE skin: Problem with navigation in my music

    Area: Media Portal Program RC1 / My music Skin / MCE Remote: Hauppage 34 Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP2 (all available sp on w-u) CPU Type: AMD XP 3000+ Memory: 1 g Twinmos (DDR 2x) Motherboard Chipset: MSI 180 (nVIDIA nFORCE2 (Crush 18G) + MCP2T ) Video Card: Integrated in...
  23. T Internet Radio Streams do not play

    I can also confirm this. Strange...hopefully we will find a solution.
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