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    Problem installing Moving Pictures

    Hi, I am trying to install Moving Pictures, downloaded the lastest version. 1.1.4 Everytime when I try to install (also as an administrator) I get the following error: "Please shutdown MediaPortal to continue the installation" Of course MediaPortal or related programs are not started...
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    Mediaportal crashes when stopping iso file

    I have the exact same problem. I am using MediaPortal and recently it has this same problem as mentioned above. Only with ISO's, without menu structure. Before the screen went black and then I had to press STOP on my remote to return to basic home. Now the screen turns black and when I...
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    Starting MP and perfoming tasks gives error

    Unfortunately no-one could give me an answer, so I installed the latest version of MediaPortal. And... the error occurs AGAIN. This isthe description of the error. Anyone knows what is happening? ie het einde van dit bericht voor meer informatie over het aanroepen van JIT-foutopsporing...
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    ZIGGO NL DVB-C transponder settings

    As from march 17 Ziggo changed the frequencies of some channels. Could you upload a new file with these new frequencies? THanks!
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    When i stop playing a VIDEO_TS (DVD format) MP keeps a black screen

    If I understand the writer correctly then I have the same problem. When playing such a DVD file or ISO for that matter, at the end of the movie the screen gets black but doesn't return to the MP start screen. I have ripped all my movies with movie only options, so no sollution?
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    Starting MP and perfoming tasks gives error

    No one? What the error log I attached, anyone that is able to interpreted that?
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    Starting MP and perfoming tasks gives error

    Hi, I am using MP for a year now, upgraded wile ago to the latest version of MP. But... Today, when I started MP I an error appeared on the screen (see att. "error MP 180309"). This error appears automatically and when I perform any action, e.g. choosing My TV or My Film or any other option...
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    Buttons and Hover for MovingPictures Plugin for Xface

    I installed Arcsoft blu ray plugin and use also Xface 1.7 and now I have a button on my home screen called "Play Blu Ray". I also want to change these pictures, but... where and how? Thanks!
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    Blu-Ray / HD DVD plugin for Arcsoft player

    Remotes don't work? First of all, great plugin. Tried PowerDVD before, but that was hell. This plugin runs smoothly as does Arcsoft Theater. Only one thing, I can't get my remote to work with Arcsoft. I have to remotes, one is the Origin (HTPC) original using IRTrans and the other is a...
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    No sound in MP1.0

    Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version of MP(1.0), after using it now for almost a year. But after starting MP I do not have any sound. I am used to the soft clicks when I am changing thumbnails or options. No sound at all! And no sound in mij DVD, Movies or TV. I tried to look for an...
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    Upgrading to RC3 - how to backup movies, tvshows and music?

    Hi, Currently I have MediaPortal RC2, but due increasing problems (updates by MS?) I want to switch to RC3. But I want to backup all information of my movies, music and tvshows, and import that later in RC3. Is this possible? How? WHat files do I need to backup? Thanks for helping...
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    Desktop shown on media playback

    Had the same, but changed from PVR to EVR and that fixed almost everyting. When play an .iso the Vista logo appears in the left corner. MEDIAPORTAL - free MediaCenter HTPC Software - MediaPortal gets minimized to tray when playback of an avi is started
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    Playlist creation not working

    I had a similar problem also, but I forgot to set the path correctly in MP configuration. Is it set correctly with you guys?
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    MCE remote launches both

    I had the same with Vista Media Center. Everytime I pressed the green button or the rec button on my remote, VMC popped up. I fixed with editing the config file of the remote removing all about VMC. Helped instantly!
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    WMVHD sound but no picture

    Hi, I want to play a video file in WMVHD format, but I get a black screen. I do hear sound! Any idea? Thanks
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    Prob: OrigenAE VFD Kit (IRTrans)

    Ich have Probleme mit die SKPOWER.rem einstellungen, die functionieren nicht! Wenn ich die power taste drücke verlasse ich nur MediaPortal zurück nach Vista, und schaltet mein PC nicht aus. Is da etwas was ich probieren soll? (Entschuldiging für mein Deutsch, ich bin ein Holländer...)...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    I hadnt had the change doing anything last few days, but today I fixed another thing: the sound. When I set the audio decoder to ffdshow instead of MPA decoder, then I am able to control the sound, on all movie formats (including finally .iso!) The other problem (starting and stopping...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    It doesn;t matter if the DVD supports dolby digital, also "normal" dvd's don't react on the volume. I use the SPDIF interface, Sound IMAX, but I also used DirectSound SPDIF, and same problem.
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    @ flokel regarding MP on top I have checked that option, but only that Microsoft Vista start logo (little round thingy in the left corner below) apears when loading a .iso. @ diematrix99 regarding volume I compared the sound settings. And they are both set to the same SPDIF, but only...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    Yes, switching of autoplay helped! Now I am able to watch my .iso's! But... two remarks: 1. When MP is loading the .iso, the Vista "start" button appears in the left corner? Is this avoidable? 2. I cannot change the volume of files I play with MP? (More off-topic, but it bothers me like...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    Yes, mounting directly with Daemon is no problem whatsoever. So I tried something else (it is getting weirder now!). I emptied my movie database, and added one .iso file to that database. When starting that file in MP... it started...! And then it started again in Windows Media Player! So...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    Hi Flo, That was something I hadn't done, but when adding .iso it's not working. I tried all the same things (first K: and then L: ), but the same errors as mentioned above. I also restarted my HTPC, but no effect. To be complete, my options are as follows: Daemon: - Version 4.30.0...
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    Daemon Tools and MP

    Hi, For a few days now, I am configuring my HTPC. Almost everything is of my to-do-list. But... I can't get .ISO's to play. I even read the German forum, everything about Daemon and ISO available, but no sollution for me. I have installed Daemon Tools, with automatic mount, secure is off...
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