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    Controlling Scientific Altanta Explorer 4300 via Firewire

    Hi all, I have a Scientific Altanta Explorer 4300 and i awould like to change the channels via firewire. I downloaded the drivers from ExDeus but my stb is not included in those. Strange as the metal box on my stb sais 4250HD but Windows 7 (64b) sais 4300HD when i plug it in my computer. Any...
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    Simple Question

    Thanks i'll give it a try :)
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    Simple Question

    Hello all, Simple question, i may have an idea for a server plugin and i was wondering where can i find a tutorial, example of how to make a server plugin. I did find the documentation for a client plugin though. Thank you
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    Hauppauge HD-PVR & Colossus Support

    Hi all, I am new to MP and i almost got it running as i need. I do have a Colossus card and i was able to set it up except for one thing, how would i get the channel listing? I have an account on ScheduleDirect, i installed the plugin in mp and set it up in the server config app. All i have as...
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