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    Sick Of WMP Regenerating Low-Res AlbumArt

    There's little wrong with the resized albumart. Mediaportal should use the embedded art when playing a file like Windows Media Center does.
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    Not so nice fonts

    Never mind i solved it by using 1440x1152@100Hz
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    Not so nice fonts

    I'm trying Mediaportal in 720x576 I@100Hz on a monitor but the fonts don't look so great. I also found that on my computer Alt+Enter doesn't work anymore after i've installed IE 7 beta (?), in WMC it still works.
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    Just an idea, links on internet

    I'm just a user so i couldn't make this work if my life depended on it but here's my idea. I came across this site: and thought: "hey wouldn't it be nice if i can see this kind of website in MediaPortal." Ok, im not talking about a webbrowser but webpages specially...
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    Bluetooth remote control?

    Well, i finally bought a Microsoft MCE remote. No need for a RF-remote, the IR beam on the Microsoft is incredibly strong and wide, the receiver is to the right of me and when i point the remote to the tv on the other side of the room to the left (or anywhere else) the signal bounces of the...
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    Starting from the Green Button?

    The green button doen't work here either, it starts the program but i have to click with the mouse on MP to focus to be able to use the remote, no use in having the green button that way. :?
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    No background redraw.

    Problem more or less solved, I now use Winamp for all streaming audio by adding /listen.pls to the link given by the shoutcast search. So becomes , this seems to work. :) Ofcource you need to add .pls to winamp configurating in the...
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    Internet Radio

    Ref1= Ref2=
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    No background redraw.

    When i've played an mpeg stream and want to play a .pls stream with the Winamp plugin the background shows a black box where the visualisation was. When i (re)start Mediaportal and only play the .pls stream the box isn't there.
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    Geforce fx5200 blank screen

    did you select "force tv detection."?
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    movietrailers not on tv.

    Tv problem solved.
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    movietrailers not on tv.

    hi, I'm using a geforce 5200 (latest drivers) in clone mode, the tv is hooked up through a composite signal. I'm using MediaPortal 2.0.0 RC2. Normal movie i can see on both monitor and tv screen but when i download movietrailers i get a dark purple screen (not black) on the tv screen but i can...
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    Bluetooth remote control?,CRID=1970,parentcrid=925,scrid=925,CONTENTID=10549 Found on, but will it work with Mediaportal? I don't have a tv-card, i just want to play media files that are on the computer and maybe streams.
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    Bluetooth remote control?

    Hi, Are there any bluetooth remote controls? :?:
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