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    [New Plugin] MPRemote S - iPhone Remote Control Plugin

    Well, looking at the website linked in iTunes ( the app is clearly advertised as one of the products of your company. In my opinion you should be straight about you and your role - you can either be the spare time developer, that charges a few bucks for his app...
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    Read that news, too but still ordered a Chromecast some days ago. For anyone interested, not living in the US: you can order from and they will handle the shipping to your country (at least they do so for Germany, but probably nearly every other country will work as well..). I had...
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    Yes and no, since it implements an Android service :p What I mean is, it is Java, but will only run on Android. (just to make sure people don´t get too excited :D)
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    Chromecast Java (read: platform independent) tool to stream any local video.
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    As far as I know UPnP/DLNA is limited to stream local media and it is not possible to "advise" the UPnP-renderer to play streaming media from Google Music / Youtube, Netflix, etc.
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    Yes, except it doesn´t need an UPnP-Server or anything like that. Basically it can stream anything the Chromebrowser can play, as long as it is accessibly by an URL (local or web). Plus Netflix and more services in the future. I see two interesting things here: make MP able to stream to a...
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    Great things keep coming up:
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    I guess unfortunately a lot of us are in the same boat. In the meantime, leapcast might be worth a look though.
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    [APP] Music Video Downloader

    Just had a quick look at the html source, this is how I think it works: Each displayed video is a list item, with code like this: <li class="archivevideo"> <a href="/tv/musicvideos/788-must-be-the-moon/"> <div class="artwork"> ... </div> <div class="info"> ... </div> </a> </li> Once you...
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    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Bei euch gibt es keinen Rewe/Penny? Bis spätestens Ende August sollen die Karten in allen 5600 Filialen erhältlich sein. Oft sind die Karten auch schon da aber noch nicht an der Kasse einsortiert, einfach mal nachfragen.
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    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Wie sieht es mit den seit dieser Woche (zB bei Rewe/Penny) erhältlichen Gutscheinkarten aus?
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    aMPdroid und MP TVSeries

    Hm, ist der Pfad richtig konfiguriert? Siehe: --> drittes Bild (Plugins)
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    MP 1.4

    Basically there are just two options: 2 weeks or "when it's done" (y)
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    WebMP Skin: Bootstrap v5.1 (9 aug. 2013)

    Congratulations for winning the skin contest, great job! Hope the N7 will help you to make this skin even greater ;) Thanks for your work!
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    WebSkin Contest (Public Voting)

    Since one has to be logged in to download the skin files, everyone who uses a skin should also be able to vote, right?
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    Further Development

    I guess he knows the possibilities, but as menitioned it is a early beta and will improve.
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    WebSkin 2013: WebMP Skinning Contest

    As Oxan suggested you should try to trim the string to the part before the brackets. Something like this: <li>@UIStrings.GuestStarring <ul> @foreach (string guestStar in Model.Movie.Actors ) { var guestStarName = guestStar.Substring(0, artist.IndexOf("(")).Trim(); <li><a...
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    WebMP Skin: BlueShift v4

    This is like a huge pot of awesome sauce! Thanks Dragy! One thing I noticed in the video: When looking at Series (around 2:00), the responsive design moves the picture of the series to the bottom, below the pictures for the single seasons. I'd move it to the top :)
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    X-Factor 2

    How is it suppposed to look with really long movie titles?
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    X-Factor 2

    oh yes! :cool:
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    Erfahrungen mit Ramdisk und MP

    Zur Pfad-Frage für dein Testsystem: Du hast den ganzen Thread gelesen? Gehört dazu auch Zeile 11 im Eröffnungspost? Bin ebenfalls raus.
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    Erfahrungen mit Ramdisk und MP

    Klar, gesammelt und mundgerecht portiniert gibt´s wahrscheinlich die wenigsten Informationen hier. Aber falls du erwartest, dass jetzt einer der Foren-User die Sammlung und Portinierung für dich macht, wirst du wohl (zurecht) enttäuscht werden.
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    Windows 7 Support

    revs: For all I know there will be a free / open beta of windows 7 this month.
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    Full HD LCD-TV Kaufberatung gesucht für HTPC - Was habt Ihr so für TVs?

    Hab den Samsung LE-40 A656 und bin damit sehr zufrieden. Anfangs gabs wohl Modelle mit "lila-stich" bei seitlicher Betrachtung, das Porblemist aber seit geraumer Zeit ausgeräumt.
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    TV-Server cannot be started

    Where should I set the hostname? It isn´t possible to start the server configuration.
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    TV-Server cannot be started

    Same problem here! :S
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