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    It works again :) Many thanks. And extra thanks for the fast response and fixing of the problem. Keep up the good work...
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    Hi, since a week or so i cannot download any subs from It used to work very good, i still can download from other sources (but they don't have dutch subs). I tried with xbmc and it can still download from bierdopje. So it is specific to SubtitleDownloader and SubCentral. I am...
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    WifiRemote - a tcp remote control server 0.8.3 [2014-07-20]

    Hi, is it also possible to use your plugin with the remote app of iPhone or iPad. I ask this because in foobar you have an extension which also works with the bonjour service. With this plugin you can make playlists in the remote app (from apple) and select a song from the list to play directly...
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    Codecs SAF v6 (based on LAVF)

    Re: SAF v6.00 (based on LAVF) Hi, when I try to install latest saf (09-30 and 06-10) I get an error that I am not authorized to execute arc.bat, bass.bat, divaac.bat etc. I am logged in as administrator and execute the saf install exe as administrator. I never had this with previous installs of...
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    Nexus Media Manager v0.8 - Organise your media! Now with TV Support! - [14-01-2011]

    Re: [BETA] [FIX] Nexus Media Manager v0.4 - Organise your media! Hi, i used your "App To copy Artwork" and it does exactly what i want too (except for the & bug where it doesn't make an nfo file). I hope you will update it because your Nexus program does not contain the same functionality...
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    XBMC scraper and VIDEO_TS folders

    I just tested the xbmc scraper too and found out that it ignores the movie.nfo completely. Should this not be added to the scraper, i mean it is logical that it should read the movie.nfo too. The scraper did read the nfo when i renamed it to the same name as the movie. And not to the parent...
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    Three ugly icons on my home screen

    Yes, please make it optional. And maybe bij default not showing. I don't like the 3 icon too. No purpose to show them all the time.
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    Streamed MP v1.0.3 Stable [15 Apr 2010] [Supports MP 1.1.0 RC2]

    Re: *NEW* Streamed MP v1.0.3 Stable [15 Apr 2010] [Supports MP 1.1.0 RC2+] Thanks it worked, now i wonder myself why i didn't see the option "Disable background sharing" before. But i did find one obstacle and that's there only can be shown 12 items in tab Default background Images. I had 13...
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    Bluray Handler 0.9.7 (BETA)

    Re: Bluray Handler 0.9.2 (BETA) Hi, i just tried your plugin. But it didn't work for me, i hope this log may help you. I tried to play an avchd iso and an blu ray rip on harddisk (folders, not iso) of movie. The files play perfectly in MPC. I use SAF 5 btw.
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    Streamed MP v1.0.3 Stable [15 Apr 2010] [Supports MP 1.1.0 RC2]

    Re: *NEW* Streamed MP v1.0.3 Stable [15 Apr 2010] [Supports MP 1.1.0 RC2+] Hi, i have a small request. In the menu editor i cannot set seperate backgrounds for Movie related items like Movies, Trailers, DVD, Videos and Online Videos. They are all grouped together in STreamed MP editor in...
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    [other] Problems with dropping frames with EVR

    I am using the profile options of ATI ccc now for that purpose. You just setup the screens per situation and you inform ccc which settings to save to the profile. Now i have 2 profiles, one for computing on monitor and one for viewing MediaPortal on my tv. You can even let ccc create shortcuts...
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    [other] Problems with dropping frames with EVR

    Well i found the problem. It is using MP on a secondary screen with different refreshrate as the first screen (like first 60hz and second 24hz). Dual monitor setup just doesn't work nicely that way, unless you keep both at same (lile 60hz) refreshrate.
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    [other] Problems with dropping frames with EVR

    I will test it, make my secondary display the primary and see if that helps. In XP it worked very good, but i have read that it may be due that in XP you have VMR9 with exclusive mode. But i find it strange that when i play 24p videos in 60hz mode it is stutter free, but playing 24p videos in...
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    [other] Problems with dropping frames with EVR

    Just tested MP version 1.0.2. clean install, still the same stutter with EVR. It seems related to playing in 24 Hz mode because when i play in 60 Hz it doesn't stutter.
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    [other] Problems with dropping frames with EVR

    Hi, when i ran MP on XP with VMR9 on ATI HD4670 my video ran smooth on all videos, be it 24, 50 or 60. (i use dynamic refresh rate) Since then i upgraded to Windows 7 because ATI doesn't support audio (DTS, DD) via HDMI on XP, they do on Vista and W7. Currently i run W7, MP 1.1 RC2 on ATI...
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    StreamedMP Music files using Fanart Handler

    Hi, thanks for the great mod. I am running latest MP and StreamedMP RC 2 but i have a few problems. - I have screen saver enabled and when on fullscreen fan art, the screen saver still kicks in after set time and the music also stops playing. So i have no sound and picture. - I have set the...
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    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    Re: SAF v4.00beta (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (MPEG2, H.264 and VC-1). Hi, i am using latest SAF beta 23 and i am having a problem playing m2ts files with a dts-ma track in them. I bitstream DTS to my receiver via optical. I can't open the file, when i click i go immediately back to...
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    (original thread)Extension installer - new way to install extensions

    Tried the installer from the zip file in the thread and it worked :) I tried 2 installers before from your site and the mediaportal site but both gave problems, the zip file from this thread worked perfect. Maybe this one should replace the other files. Thanks for the help.
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    (original thread)Extension installer - new way to install extensions

    I have installed latest Media Portal v0.2.2.0 and i download the latest version of MediaInstaller date 8-6-2007 15:33 installed in the media portal directory. I can start the program but when i click a button i the following error. See the end of this message for details on invoking...
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