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    New skin: Severe Clear (720*576)

    Here's the work in progress skin X-lab: All screens are mostly done. The purpose of the skin is so that every bit of text is readable on a 21" television from 8 feet or a couple of meters away. What do you think?
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    Skin: Razor

    How are you getting the blur/unfocused effect on the unselected menu items? Looks very cool, though! Keep it going!
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    New skin for CRT's

    follow up question: Does anyone know how to remove the text from under the thumbnail images? I have a workaround/hack that gets the job done, but I'd like to know if theres a proper way to do it.
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    New skin for CRT's

    almost done I haven't fallen off the earth. I'm almost done with the CRT-based skin which is tentatively called xlab (for some bizarre reason the green bar didn't get picked up in the screenshot for some reason, but it is there) Some people suggested more subtle gradients in the...
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    New skin for CRT's

    New high visiblity skin for NTSC CRT televisions: This sample screen would replace this one: Please tell me what you think. My motivation was to make a skin that is very visible, low noise, high contrast, and very easy to use for people new to the MP concept. It hopefully...
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    VMR9 Incorrect Brightness / Gamma for Video

    I confirm this problem on both 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 using radeon 9200 SE with only tv-out to a regular ntsc CRT. I have installed the latest directx 9.0c and Winxp sp2, all updates. Here's my experience. Fullscreen openGL and direxctx apps used to be too bright. In the radeon control panel i...
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    Thinking outside the box

    Media Portal Collections Ok, so I've been working on this, and I'd like some feedback. The collection I've started and am almost finished is best decribed as a "Fine Art Collection", i.e. fine art painting by rembrant, van gogh, da vinci, etc. The music is mostly classical music, bach...
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    Thinking outside the box

    I'll put the package together, I'll get a bunch of pictures, music, avi's (i'll keep the file size down). I'll post a litst here of what's being included.
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    Thinking outside the box

    What a community! People already posting ways to fix things! This is exactly my broader point. Why follow Microsoft at all? It's not like MCE is a runaway success that would make sense copying. Frankly I'd like to see MCE copying MP's user interface. Frankly, if I were to copy...
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    Creating a DVD library on hard disk with DVD cover and info

    Archiving DVD's zgeneral: To answer your question, get a program like DVD Decrypter or DVD shrink. Specifically, google for a command line to pass to DVD decrypter to rip the DVD to a folder named after the movie. You should modify this command like to place the folder in the directory...
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    Thinking outside the box

    This post is going to ramble a bit, so I apologize in advance. And I know it's bad form to write something like this on a first post, but I 've lurked for over a year and am only saying this becuase I think it's really important. I'm a user and big fan of mediaportal, and have turned two...
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