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    Sound lags picture on TV

    Don't be so quick to assume it's annoying and unacceptable to *female* users, 'cause I aint! And, it seems that there are many others in the various forums who have reported similar concerns under varying circumstances, yet there is still no fix. I do, however find that if I use the fddshow...
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    Can I make Recorded HDTV smaller as it records

    I have just installed MP 1.1 and find it very good. However, I am trying to use a Netgear EVA2000 to replay recorded TV programs across my LAN. I find the following. Recorded Std Def digital channels play back on MP, WMP, WME, VLC etc. just fine Recorded Std Def digital channels also play...
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    Sound lags picture on TV

    Just downloaded and installed Media Portal from web and find that the default settings on the TV viewer has the sound out of synch with the picture. My tuner card is whatever HP installed and reports as a Haupauge WinTV 885 BDA Tuner/Demod. The sound is delayed by less than 1/2...
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