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    Puyo Puyo plugin

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone is interested in doing a puyo puyo plugin as I really enjoyed the teris plugin. Using the remote to play is really alot of fun.
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    HTPC or PVR/DVD-Burner?

    No satellite, just terrestrial. Thanks for all your reponses. I was thinking along the same lines. Although the HTPC offers other things like emulation which i like, I think i will have to go the Panasonic PVR/burner because of its plug and play simplicity. Actually I'd priced up my HTPC...
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    MediaPortal Remote Controls?

    I bought a Winfast dtv 1000t hdtv digital tuner with remote that can duplicate all mce remote functions, and there is a plugin for media-portal that works great- all for $55 aus
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    HTPC or PVR/DVD-Burner?

    I am tossing up whether I should build a Mediaportal HTPC or buy a panasonic pvr/dvd burner. I know that a HTPC is more felxible with more features but I just want to be able to record didgital tv by programming it turn itself on at set time, record a particular program, end at a set time and...
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    Slow 720p playback on new HTPC

    mediaportal seems to tax the CPU a fair bit. From looking at your specs I'd consider a full AMD CPU eg Athlon 64 or X2 CPU rather than a sempron and maybe another gig of ram. I had 720p video skip on an Athlon X2 4800+ with 2 gig when playing via mediaportal but not when using the playback...
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