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    Open the Context Menu (F9) from a button?

    106 works a treat - many thanks!
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    Open the Context Menu (F9) from a button?

    Hi, I am trying to modify an existing skin for use with a Touch Screen. Now I am working on the Google Calendar Add screen, which needs the user to open the context menu by pressing F9 on the keyboard - but I don't have a keyboard! Is there any way I can set up a button to launch the...
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    CouchPotato - an iPhone remote app for MediaPortal | Version 1.2 (2011-08-05)

    Re: CouchPotato - an iPhone remote app for MediaPortal (preview) You can do iOS development on Windows - use VirtualBox! I've been doing iOS development for about 6 months now, and I do not have a Mac. All you need is a copy of OS X (Snow Leopard works great). You still need the iOS...
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    IMON IRSS Version (no official version)

    @disaster: I did a bit of playing around myself, and I think it's as simple as adding "Vid_15c2&Pid_0045" to the SupportedDevices_HID array in Imon USB Receivers.cs - I made this change myself and was able to create a working DLL. I'll ask belcom if he plans to submit his change though...
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    IMON IRSS Version (no official version)

    Hi Disaster, I'd like to try your version of IRSS, as I have an issue with the ENTER key on my new iMon remote (I think I am getting double presses because I need to have "Enable Keyboard Input" checked). Your version doesn't recognize my iMon device though. Belcom was able to produce a...
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    [confirm] Minidisplay and IRSS

    Just wanted to add my experiences - I've got an Antec Veris Multimedia Premier, and IRSS would only work without MiniDisplay enabled. I added the patch linked to earlier in this thread, and now IRSS and MiniDisplay are working together happily :) I hope this makes it into the final MP 1.1
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    IMON support

    Thanks for your quick reply. The new version works! Many thanks. :thx: Now to configure it, and see if I can get MiniDisplay working at the same time...
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    IMON support

    Hi, I've just installed an Antec Veris Multimedia Premier - with iMon Pad. The device is not recognized by IRSS. I read back through this thread and it appears to have a different hardware id. I've got 4 HID showing up in device manager - here are their IDs...
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    *ORIGINAL THREAD* InfoService v1.6 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather

    Many thanks - adding the location entry manually did the trick, and now it looks fantastic.
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    *ORIGINAL THREAD* InfoService v1.6 - Feed reader/Twitter reader and weather

    Struggling... Hi, Lovely plugin, but I'm struggling to get the weather displayed with the X-Factor skin. Checking through the logs, I see this: 2009-06-04 12:08:28.906250 [Info.][MPMain]: InfoService: Successfully initiated RSSService 2009-06-04 12:08:28.906250 [Warn.][MPMain]...
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    Upgrade to run 1080p

    I just upgraded to an Intel E2160 CPU with an ATI HD3450 GFX card - probably the cheapest components I could find, and I have been able to play 1080p content just fine! Entry-level computing really is amazing these days...
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    Are these good specs?

    I was using the onboard sound for a long time, but when MediaPortal was released, the SPDIF output no longer worked. Older versions were fine still. In the end I got a cheap sound card with SPDIF output, and that's working fine. Of course, YMMV. As for Graphics, I have a Radeon...
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    DVD player SPDIF output stopped working from to

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was using the BASS engine, but setting it back to the internal dshow engine didn't work. I was noticing some strange behaviour when viewing the DVD playback graphs with Graphedit last night. It seemed to be selecting the DScaler audio decoder no matter what I had...
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    DVD player SPDIF output stopped working from to

    MediaPortal Version: MediaPortal Skin: BlueTwo Wide Windows Version: XP, SP2 CPU Type: AMD Sempron 2800 HDD: Maxtor 400Gb Memory: 512Mb Motherboard: Asus A7V600 Motherboard Chipset: Via Motherboard Bios: Award Video Card: Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9550 Video Card Driver: Latest...
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    MePo-Green for 0_2_1_0

    I love this skin - and so does my 2 year old son! He keeps pointing at the little dude and saying "ooohh, robots daddy". Anyway, I had to move to the latest SVN, coz the PowerScheduler plugin in was broken. So it's back to BlueTwo for a bit. It's good that you have started to update...
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    Squeezebox plugin

    Hi Raven, Have you made any further progress with the Squeezebox plugin? I'm thinking about getting a few - this would be great for parties! Would it also allow for synchronising between the squeezeboxes? Thanks for your efforts.
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    More flexible TV Guide importing

    Hi all, I've noticed recently that many shows in my TV Guide are showing as "To be announced". I get my guide info daily using WebEPG, from the TV Times website in the UK. I reckon there are a few ways around this problem. - Firstly, the import function could recognize the "To be...
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    A barebone delight

    Surely the SPDIF would have been better placed at the back rather than under the front panel? For example, I would have the SPDIF permanently connected to an external receiver which would mean the front panel would always be open, and the cable is on show. Not good in the lounge, and the WAF...
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    Partial recording that's segmented???

    I don't get this problem any more with RC3, but I have done a clean re-install of Windows XP since this thread was created. The pre and post recording also is working fine for me.
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    Skin: Clarity

    Just when I thought I had found the perfect skin for my HTPC (Razor), you come along with another teaser! :lol: Nice to have this kind of problems though! Great work, looking forward to it.
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    Scheduled recordings dont include "pre-record" tim

    Perhaps that's it then. Most of my recordings are series'. I'll have a check to see what happens for a single recording tonight. Thanks for confirming the bug.
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    Scheduled recordings dont include "pre-record" tim

    Hi, Here is my situation - if I have a scheduled recording starting at 7.30pm, with 3 minutes pre-record time, the recording starts as it should at 7.27pm. However, if I go to the Scheduled section, the recording indicator only appears on the show at 7.30pm, which means I can't start...
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    Resume from Stand By

    I started to have wake-up problems last weekend as well. Haven't managed to check the logs yet. I upgraded to a new CVS version, at which point it stopped waking up. Will upgrade to another CVS version this weekend, and post some logs if it's still not working. I'm also using the nvidia...
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    Resume from Stand By

    I've also had problems with MyTV and resuming from hibernation in the past. My current solution is to use a little program calls StartOnWake. This detects when the computer wakes up then runs a batch file. At the moment, this batch file contains a single command, which restarts the HTPC. That...
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    Automatically download the latest CVS

    Bandwidth is obviously a big issue here, so one solution could be to reduce the size of the CVS downloads. How? Well, this kind of depends on how long off the final release is. If the final release is still quite a long way off, perhaps an RC3 would be appropriate. The CVS downloads...
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    My Music - need your thoughts on how to improve and enhance

    Hi SteveV, Regarding the <F9> problem - if I change the player to DirectShow, I can use the <F9> without any problems. The context menu always appear as it should. As soon as I change the player to WMP, it works once then the volume change occurs. I put some debug code in the OnAction...
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    Skin: Razor

    Hi Raven, I also use your great skin on a 32" LCD and don't have a problem with the font sizes. I do have a few minor issues though: - missing coverart grabber xml - on some screens, still see "Nu Spelas" instead of "Now Playing" - colours on tvguide makes shows a little hard to read...
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    Context Menu in MyMusic appears once, then adjusts volume

    Marvellous. Thanks SteveV.
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    Context Menu in MyMusic appears once, then adjusts volume

    Area: Media Portal Program MediaPortal Version: RC2 (2006-02-21) MediaPortal Skin: BlueTwo Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2) .NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727 DirectX Version: (9.0c) Audio Codec: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM Audio Decoder Video Codec: MPeg2Dec Filter CPU Type: Intel...
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    Some tested harddrives

    I'll put another vote in for Samsung - have a 160GB SATA drive that is oh so quiet. I also installed a Maxtor 250GB IDE drive, which was oh so noisy! Until I found an option buried in ATITool for Hard Disk Acoustic management. Turned it to "minimum noise" and the drive is now very nearly as...
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    Vista MCE

    looks good - any chance of a 16:9 version?
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    Does the EPG work in the UK?

    I always had problems with the EPG from the DVB stream, so I ditched that option and now use WebEPG. Works a treat and gets good info from both RadioTimes and I did have an issue a while back having used the EPG for about 6 months - MP was running really slowly, especially when...
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    ASUS MyCinema P7131 Dual no sound in MediaPortal

    Hi Ole, I'm using the digital side of this card without issue in MP RC2 with CVS from 24-1. Are you using the analog or digital part?
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    How does MP handle sequential recording?

    Hi all, First let me say I love MediaPortal, by far the best HTPC front end I have used. :D Here is my situation: I have 2 tv cards. I want to schedule one recording at, for example, 8pm until 9pm, then schedule another recording on the same channel starting at 9pm. I set the pre and post...
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    Not possible to go to Standby

    Try enabling the "Force shutdown" option on the Powersheduler config screen. I was seeing the same behaviour as you until I enabled this.
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    0.2RC2 - One recording generates multiple video files

    That's interesting. I've experienced the same problem, and it is still happening occasionally, but I don't have a Hauppauge card. I'll be installing a new Compro T200 DVB-T card this weekend, along with another 512MB RAM. I also want to switch to using PVR Scheduler, so I will do some test...
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    MyTV deletes timeshifted material when changing a channel

    I think the point is - why not save it? The information is there - how does MP know that you are not going to want to skip back to something on a previous channel. Seems like quite an obvious feature to me. I never use timeshifting any more because of this "fix", and agree that a...
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    Partial recording that's segmented???

    I'll keep an eye on it this weekend, do some tests and see if I can get a decent looking log. I'm also getting a second tuner card next week (Compro T200), will see if I get the same effect there...
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    Partial recording that's segmented???

    Hi - did you get any further with this? I get similar results. For example, if I schedule a recording to start at 7.30pm with an extra 3 minutes at start and end, I often get recordings like this: 7 (usually zero length) recordings from the program before my scheduled show. Then the main...
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    TV Picture jumps

    Update: Installed all the updates mentioned here, along with the reg hack, latest ATI drivers and tried the PCI latency tool as well. Sure enough, the latency for my gfx card was 255. Dropped it to 64 and noticed an immediate improvement! Was actually able to watch TV at last, and...
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