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    NEW Face for MP !

    Harley, thats some awesome work you done there. If you need some tests or something, or other help gimme a call.
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    "MediaPortal and MeediOS merger talks - take 2"

    who would have thought :) I see this as a very good initiative. Both parties have invested a lot of time into what they believed was the best thing to do. Both parties have learned a lot and it is therefor not valid to only look at the past accomplishments/ideals to think ahead for the outcome...
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    Goodbye draktheas

    Samantha, My most sincere condolence go out to you and your family. May your husband rest in peace.
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    Why moderators are closing posts?

    Fidoboy, The SW cards have always been a problem in MP. The main reason is that we do not get any support from the manufacturers from the cards. So we must use the basic interface of windows to these cards (explained simply). But, this performes way less than the using the manufacturers...
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    XBMC comparison

    so tell me, what kinda video can't we play? You can set MP to use an external player like Mplayer for instance (the same that xbmc uses). What kinda tweaking you mean ? We have skins, we practically use the same skinsetup. Tell us more in detail what you miss, and it could well be that we...
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    Controls in references.xml

    and I am using the import function extensively on my new skin. I hereby like to thank the programmer again for making skinning easier for us :) I still miss him..... ;)
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    Weather 4 day forecast

    it's possible but requires a codechange. It's not a skinsetting.
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    can you put a link here to the 720pixel animation? Then I can try this evening And could you try to put this xml in BlueTwo ? The 720p wide png. Lets see if it goes ok there?
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    so what happens when you make the animation 720 wide ? Pixelratio is the setting you do in mediaportal > settings. You can calibrate the GUI then and set that 1 square to look perfectly square. If you set that to shrink everything (because you use an anamorphic tv for instance) the animation...
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    whats the resolution in references.xml ? And can you post a screenshot of how the topbar looks in MP when it's 2/3 of the size ? Did you set pixelratio ?
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    what happens when you add : <width>1024</width> ?
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    can you post the width in pixels of the animation? and show me the xml you generated.
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    Logos for Internet Radio Streams

    should still work :) perhaps you have special chars in the name?? Whats the link to the asx? whats it called? where did you put it? whats the name of the graphic file? where did you put that? If you tell me these things I can try it like you use it. Perhaps something goes wrong there.
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    tv channels icons appearing distorted?

    The skinner has told MP not to maintain Acpect Ratio on those logo's. It's easy to fix though if you want MP to maintain AR. Find the correct control in the skin (with some common sense you will find it :) ) and place: <keepaspectratio>yes</keepaspectratio> It is possible that that entry...
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    Controls in references.xml

    no, you can't. But you can make a new xml file called common.buttons.xml for example. The you can include in other xml's like <include>common.buttons.xml</include> and the contents of the file will be put in the spot of the include. The common.buttons.xml does need to be a valid xml...
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    no, on the outside they will seem like minor changes to the skin. So not really any use to make new pics. But, When something nice comes comes along I'll make a nice SS out of it. I really like the way it is going. it's great that it is really a very basic skin. No background behinds a...
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    Still great progress here. Filmstrip, albumview, and thumbviews r done. Also put a lot of default icons in (default video,music etc etc) So, still going nicely :)
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    dunno, I got it from :)
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    k, got the homescreen, subscreen listview and musicoverlay working nicely in MP now. So thats the first hard part. Progress is pretty good :)
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    rc4 My Tv working poorly

    how can we help if you do not give ANY info about your used hardware and codecs etc. Use the bugreport template.
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    SOLVED: stuttering EPG ...

    we cannot help you if you do not fill in the bug report template. How should we help if we do not know anything about codecs used, hardware etc etc.
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    RC4: MP freezes with DVD autoplay

    use the template to report a bug. We cannot help you if you do not tell us your settings and versions of dvd codecs used.
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    great, I got the Home page running in MP now :) Looks pretty cool! but this will be a memory hog of a skin :) be sure you have enough videoram :)
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    updated music layout.. yeah, I think I will stick to 1360x768. Or you think I'd better do a diff resolution ? The differences will prolly be minimal when scaled to other widescreen resolutions.
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    Good points on the date and time standing in the way of the overlay. I'll move them to a different spot. Yeah, I am totally not happy yet with the mysic layout. It's more there to tryout the listview looks etc. It doesn't feel like a whole in that section. Keep on checking, I update them...
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    CrystalCenter Rebirth ?

    Hi, People that used MediaPortal before version will perhaps know my skin called CrystalCenter. it was replaced @ that time by BlueTwo which we all know :) As I started to get bored of the mostly Blue in B2 I thought about starting to update CrystalCenter skin again. Screenshots...
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    Sound file for testing 5.1

    I always use the speaker check avi file with AC3 soundtrack from: Direct link to the file:
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    Any way to create playlists inside of Media Portal?

    yes you can. Press Y to add to the playlist, then go to playlist and there you can save it. Next time please post in the support section.
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    will not be added for .2 But will most likely be done afterwards yes. No plan on a date or anyhting. try basichome.
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    PowerScheduler behaviour at the Home screen

    why post this in the general section?
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    hovers r hardcoded on a certain layer, sorry. Needs a code change if you want it to work on the normal home page. You can get it to work I think in the basichome.
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    Meedio sells out to Yahoo

    guys, you all show some great ideas in here! Keep the ideas and code coming. We all make MP, thats so nice about it :)
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    My Music - need your thoughts on how to improve and enhance

    the genre of a v1 tag goed before a v2 tag for some reason. This should indeed not happen but it is. I yesterday needed to remove some v1 tags to get the correct genre in MP. I will post this as a bug.
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    .NET crash in config without WMI service

    indeed, what kinda drives you have listed there ? perhaps cardreaders or something that MP doesn't handle ok ?
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    .NET crash in config without WMI service

    can you give us more info on that .net error?
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    TV Problems with RC4

    also, does it also go wrong when you use only 1 tvcard?
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    TV Problems with RC4

    there were some database changes etc in MP Did you do a clean install, Clean channel scan Clean setup etc etc. Or did you simply put your rc3 databases in RC4? New release = always do a clean install and rebuild of databases and always use default skins. sorry if you did all this...
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    RC3 - choppy livetv / no signal / on dvb - thread restart

    hoppy, do you use the epg grabber for dvb ? I have the exact same thing if I let mediaportal grab epg from all kinds of channels that I cannot decode. @ default MP will scan all channels it has found for epg stuff. many of the times it was the CAM that hung or the firedtv. Could you please...
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    [Request] numeric Imdb rating in MediaPortal

    In my school days I would care less if I had a 6.7 or a 7.4... And I really do not think you will notice the difference in movie quality as well :)
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    TV Problems with RC4

    where is this info coming from that rc4 has worse tv?? As far as I know this is not true. Runs 24/7 for me with the wife zapping along and the kid watchign video's and dvd's. I only need to get rid of channels that I cannot decode as my CAM hangs on them. But that also happens on other...
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