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    TV-Server DVB-IP card scrambled channel problem

    Hi, i too use a VU+ connected to my MP and viewing chanels with IPTV and i don't have this problem. After scanning my M3U file, I set the flag "ischannelfree" in the MySQL database. Hope that can help .. Cheers, and sorry for my poor english
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    [News] MediaPortal 2 Alpha 4 released - Christmas is coming early this year :)

    Hi, after install of SlimTV native, i don't have a IPTV card installed. How to scan my .m3u TV list ? Thanks and have a very Christmas !!
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    New plugin : DreamDboxTV

    I have made some screen shots of my config, and join 3 files. document.docx are the screenshots. MPIPTVSource.ini in "\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server" is My iptv config file. Exemple.m3u is one of my .m3u file i use to scan. Hope that can help you
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    New plugin : DreamDboxTV

    Hi, no need to replace files in tvserver anymore. Now it's include in mp 1.5 Use "DreamBox Playlist creator" (Google is your friend ;) ) to create .m3u list. After that, copy this .m3u filesin ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal Setup TV\tuning\iptv then scan the channels using this files !!
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    use Vu+ box?

    Hi read this discussion, Razorbakmax
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    New plugin : DreamDboxTV

    Hi, download this software to create .m3u list from your dreambox bouquet. You must also change files in TVserver. Razorbakmax
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    Testbuilds for Native MP2 TV - Updated for 10th AE Update 1 (2014-09-13)!

    I, with MP1 TV server, i use DVB-IP (internal IPTV Tuner with files replaced with ones in this thread I it possible to have the same with TV Server in MP2 Native TV ?
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    New plugin : DreamDboxTV

    Use your dreambox like a tuner in Mediaportal. Read this thread I use "DreamBox Playlist creator" (Google is your friend ;) ) to create .m3u list. Then i use this list to scan with IPTV Tuner in...
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    1.3.0 Alpha

    Hi, where is the 1.3a compatible version of Myfilms ?
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    Testbuilds for SlimTV using TVServer+MPExtended - Updated for 2.2 (2018-10-09)!

    It's working, the problem was that i have my Firewall service disabled. When i active it, Tva4Home service can install !!!
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    Testbuilds for SlimTV using TVServer+MPExtended - Updated for 2.2 (2018-10-09)!

    I tried to install Tv4Home service, but it finished with this error : Windows Installer a installé le produit. Nom du produit : TV4Home Server - CoreService. Version du produit : 0.2.4214.20965. Langue du produit : 1033. Fabricant : Réussite de l’installation ou état...
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    Testbuilds for SlimTV using TVServer+MPExtended - Updated for 2.2 (2018-10-09)!

    Hi, i can not use slimtv, i have an error message and i don't know what to do. Can you help me ? Thank's and The first impression, is that MP2 will be a great success !!!
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    Codecs SAF v6 (based on LAVF)

    Hi hoborg, when i install your last version (SAF 6.01) the version of LAV video is not the last one, but 0.39 is it normal ? Thanks
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    Download Black Glass Testing SVN skins

    Hi, is Black Glass NOVA HD supporting the new Films 5.1 plugin ? Thanks
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    MPTVAdmin - Import Dreambox channel/group lists (or easily manage groups)

    no more news ??? I am very interessed from beeing able to import my Dreambox channels settings into Mediaportal.
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    MPTVAdmin - Import Dreambox channel/group lists (or easily manage groups)

    Hi, on my Mediaportal installation, i use MSSQL instead of MySql. Your tool doesn't work with MSSQL ? Thanks
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    MyFilms Latest Stable Version (currently 5.1 for MP1.2 and for MP1.1.x)

    Re: MyFilms Latest Version (currently +1 :thx: when can we test the 5 version. Waiting on it for upgrade to MP 1.2.0 beta.
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    The Future of MyFilms?

    Hi Guzzi, i cannot use MyFilms with B3W and Mediaportal 1.2alpha. I Have this message in the log. 2010-12-22 09:15:48.310297 [ERROR][MPMain(1)]: Exception :System.TypeLoadException: Impossible de charger le type 'System.Windows.FrameworkElement' à partir de l'assembly 'Core...
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    CLR Skin (Version 1.3 Released) - 1.4 for MP1.2 Beta is available!!!

    Re: CLR Skin (Version 1.3 Released) Hi Cul8er, with you 1.3 version , witch version of Myfilms plugin must i use ?
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    mc2xml error with xml...

    hi, try to put the file xmltv.dtd in the same folder than tvguide.xml
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    [News] Digital Everywhere stops production of fire & floppy-dtv

    The site is up again, no problem for download ;)
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    Re-Launch of MP EPG Downloader

    hi big_kev, is this new version compatible with SQLExpress 2008 and MP 1.1.0 Beta ? Many thanks for this very good software. :thx: Razorbak
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    TV Auto Zoom

    Hi, look at this wonderfull plugin. Razorbakmax
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    Re-Launch of MP EPG Downloader

    Hi Big Kev, is your program working with SQLExpress 2008, because i have this message when trying to connect. Razorbakmax
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    DE FloppyDTV S2 not recognized after Standby/Shutdown?

    With Bling translate : Il principio è quello di integrare un condensatore sul +5v sul cavo dell' alimentazione del FloppyDTV. Per effettuare questa operazione, è necessario ottenere un condensatore radiale di 220uF 25V, debole ESR in un negozio di elettronica. Questo componente non costa piu di...
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    DE FloppyDTV S2 not recognized after Standby/Shutdown?

    Hi, all the instructions are explain on this site, but it is in french
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    SAF v4.00 ''stable'' (StandAlone Filters) - DXVA ready (H.264 and VC-1).

    SAF unlocked Hi all, Can anyone send me an pm how to unlock SAF? Thank you!! and have a good day ! :thx:
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    (New Screenshot 04-May)Upcoming new release of Moving Pictures - Skinfiles

    Hi Rico, is it possible to have the same layout for MyFilms plugin ? and many many thanks for your great skin !!!
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    Monochrome and Indigo v2.7 Released!

    TVGuide Group Hi, with Mediaportal 1.0.1, in TVGuide, i dont see the group name on the left large button, and if i press on the button, no Group Menu is shown. I use Monochrome 2.7 on XP SP3. On the Mediaportal 1.0.0 with last svn before 1.0.1 final, all was working fine. What am i wrong ?
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    EPG Sky Italia

    Grazie mille per il lavoro. Pero nel mia installazione, il nome della DataBase non è "MpTvDb", ma "TvLibrary". Volevo sapere se potresti inserire un parametro nel file.ini per nome della DataBase.
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    ORIGINAL THREAD (OLD): About the X-Factor Skin

    ... +1 to support of MyFilms plugin :thx:
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    DVBSBridge Dreambox and Mediaportal -> Channels import?

    Dreambox and DVBSBridge Hi milepile, first, sorry i don't speak German nor Switzerdütch. I can only speak french or english, but not so good. For DVBSBridge, after installation, you must go in DVBSBridge Configuration, put you Dreambox ip adress, user and password. Apply the settings and...
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    Finally working IP-TV solution for TV Server!

    Hi, you ca use DVBSBridge for dreambox (google is your friend ;) ). One installed, it make a virtual DVB-T tuner and link it to your dream. Easy to setup, and full integrated in TVE3. PS : DVBSBridge is not free, but you can test it for 30 days
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    High cpu load

    Last patch version :
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    I handle the HTPC from another computer

    Hi. try TeamViewer, it's free for non commercial use !;)
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    FloppyDTVS2 - No signal

    TV-Server Version: RC2 MediaPortal Version: RC2 MediaPortal Skin: Indigo Windows Version: XP SP3 CPU Type: AMD 5000+ HDD: 320GB Samsung Memory: 4Gb Motherboard: 780G Video Card: HD3200 Video Card Driver: ATI catalyst 8.4 Sound Card: integrated Sound Card AC3: Sound Card Driver...
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    Very impressive, one of best skin i have see !! Please, release it !!!
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    Plugin Mp

    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(framug @ 31 Jan 2008, 15:51 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> Le problème c'est que dans le plugin Kazer, je ne peux pas faire la mappage des chaines avec l'epg, car il ne m'en propose AUCUNE !! Je vais essayer ta solution de l'onglet remote dans TVServer. Merci de...
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    Plugin Mp

    Bonjour, est-ce que ce plugin fonctionne avec TVE3, car je n'ai aucune chaine quand je veux faire la correspondance entre TV et EPG. Merci
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