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    Need some help

    Maybe this helps you. This is how i have it, everything working fine. It's for HDD files.
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    Version 2.2 Released! Just a question... ¿Is there (changing something) any way to get this version working on MP I'm not able to get MP1 working right on my PC :( ... :sorry:
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    Simon Say

    Turn back to as i did... ;) Just a joke!
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    has crashed Mytrailes plugin?

    Hello: Mytrailers plugin is showing me some text info, but no links to trailers or poster pictures. It has stopped working some days ago. Is it just a problem of mine or is it general?
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    ImageLoadFast threw an error with "Lost"

    Instead of download "lost" from spanish, i've downloaded it fron english and no problems. Well, i just have to update date inside the configuration (plot + title) and everything works fine. Maybe some kind of truoble with the spanish traslation of Lost... :rolleyes:
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    MyTrailers plugin

    Yes, same problem here...
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    ImageLoadFast threw an error with "Lost"

    It only happens with "Lost" banners. With all of them. The rest banner series work fine, no problem at all. No more messages. Only this one. Twice each time I load a "Lost" banner. I've tried "use alternative image loading logic" on and off, but always the same error:
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    ImageLoadFast threw an error with "Lost"

    Each time the Mediaportal configuration loads a "Lost" banner it shows the message "ImageLoadFast threw an error", and the banners aren't shown at MP series screen. Instead of it i get a black square. It only happens with that serie, all others are right. ¿any idea of what it's happening...
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    Weather problem

    Great!!!! there are not enough words to say thaks!!!! :thx:
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    Anyone with problems launching episodes from new MP 1?

    I'll try it this weekend... thanks!
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    Anyone with problems launching episodes from new MP 1?

    :eek: Maybe that... yes, i'm using the same... I didn't think about it... i used Indigo 1.9, so the skin was right, but the mediainfo... ¿where can i find the correct one?
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    Anyone with problems launching episodes from new MP 1?

    Not really. :oops: I'm watching "Heroes 02" now, and how i was all weekend trying to solve the problem and no success, i got "nervious" :D and i decided to go back to, to finish the serie.Next weekend i´ll try again, so maybe then i can find the solution...
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    Anyone with problems launching episodes from new MP 1?

    Path right, avi files The path is right. They are .avi, all of them. Really strange. When i select the episode from the lepisodes list of the screen, it tries to launch, but at the moment, it goes back to the episodes screen. I've tried to uninstall and install again the MP1. I've tried to...
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    Anyone with problems launching episodes from new MP 1?

    I've intalled the MP1 (this is the third time i try to use MP1). I've noticed i'm not able to launch episodes from MyTvSeries. I've tried with several svn fo the plugin (downloaded from svn page of MyTVSeries). No way to lauch them. As soon as i have returned to MP, everything works...
  15. L or RC1?

    Well, I did it. It doesn't work for me. :oops:
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    Migration tool for -> RC1 ++

    It could be great! I wish somebody could do it! I can't update from to cause i have so much data i don't want to loose... :(
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    MyWeather Update

    loosing data... The "Clean install" needed to update is a great problem for me. I recently updated to MP1 and lost all my data (a lot of data). Then, I downloaded all data again. How MP1 wasn't running nicely, i had to come back to, and then to download all data again. That was a...
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    ¿How can i get weather working with revision and MP It seems not to be working anymore... :S
  19. L or RC1?

    I can't install the new MP 1 cause i'd loose all my data (TV series, Films etc). There's a lot of data i have so it could be terrible to me. As MP 1 needs clean install, i feel "tied up". Everybody seems to be working only for new MP1, and seems to be died. ¿what could we do? :S...
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    Weather problem

    Yer, i need it for too... please...:(
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    "Available subtitles field" always 0

    have you solved your problem? I've tried to do the same, but everythings works fine here. No problem with subs at all...
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    Missing Skin Files for Blue2 wide and MyTV-Series - Download

    thaks a lot! I was waiting for someone who could do it!!! :thx:
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Just a question... maybe someone can help me. I want to display series rating logos. If i do a formatting rule to round the rating (so 8,6 is 9 etc...) ¿should i do a rule to show the logo too? I mean... ¿do i need a logo rule to show the 9 stars logo when 8,6 rating or can i do it all from...
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    Any way to update from

    Hello: Just a question... Is there any way to update from without losing all data?
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    minor issue in new version

    This is a skin problem. I opened a thread with something similar. Take a loot at
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    Change language for one series

    I guess not. The only thing yopu can do is the change the data for the languaje you want at the configuration of that serie. I doi it so. I download English and then i change the overview and titles for the spanish ones. For me that's better than to select spanish as default lenguaje. I use to...
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    Skins and compatability

    I use Blue Two Wide too. People who hasn't a High Definition TV (that's me) consider this skin the clearest one. If only somebody could update it sometimes... :( ¿Which other skin would you recommend for no high definition tvs? :S
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    Seasons & Episodes screen: "Unwatched..." out of its space

    Thanks! Anyone could help people using Blue Two (like me ;-) )with this little problem? :S Thx
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    BlueTwo Wide & My TVSeries new release

    Does anyone how to solve this little problem of BlueTwo wide and the newest My TV Series? Thanks for your help!
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    Seasons & Episodes screen: "Unwatched..." out of its space

    This is what i mean. Here it's OK. "No Visto" appears between "todo" and "favoritos" (right down the screen): but when i see seasons or episode screens, the word is out of its place (no matter if i use or not fan art):
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    MyFilms 4.5: main screen shows strange text in the lower part

    Yes, it's the same problem indeed. I have changed the skin (from replicant to Blue Two Wide) and i have changed from to 4.5 and i've found the problem...
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    MyFilms 4.5: main screen shows strange text in the lower part

    I have there "languajes" "subtitles" and "rating". Theý are shown perfectly in the second screen, "languajes" and "subtitles" in the text box, and rating over the thumb. Everuthing ok. But the main screen has that little problem i don't know how to solve.
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    MyFilms 4.5: main screen shows strange text in the lower part

    HI: I'm using Blue Two Wide skin and Myfilms 4.5. In the main screen (no matter if i choose list, icons or filmstrip) just in the lower part of the screen, below the thumb, the year and the genere and the sinopsis, appears a lot of text that it shouldn't be there. I've tried to change...
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    Seasons & Episodes screen: "Unwatched..." out of its space

    Hello: I know it is a problem of the skin, but maybe someone could tell me how to repair it. I´m using Blue Two Wide skin. Some revs ago , the seasons and the episodes screen (it doesn't happen on main series scrren) show the word "Unwatched" (or the one wich is selected in its case) out...
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    Version 1.7 Released!

    Hi Psycho Reptile: I love your skin!!! it's great! If you allow me, just to suggestions: 1/ Logos in the main series screen. That way we can see wich network, content rating,genere, rating etc has each serie. 2/ A thumb a little bit bigger in the list view of my films. Best regards!
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    Test the new API-version

    Yesterday's 298 revision has fixed some season banners for me, but not all of them. Some season banners aren´t still shown
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    Test the new API-version

    That's my only problem too...
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    [New] MyFilms v4.4.1.4

    Z3us I guess that it's a problem with the skin, not the plug in. Am i wrong? Try to watch that screen with any other skin...
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    Version 1.7 Released!

    No, i don't see any letter underlined. Anyway, spanish doesn't have the characters you have. Probably the problem is what you are telling. ¿has you proved changing the font to any other one? I'm not at home now, so i can't remember if replicant allows to change the font. I remembre that when i...
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