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    New Australian TV guide source

    Could I have a copy to test please?
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    iMon & MediaPortal - How??

    I am having the same problem using version 7.2, unable to modify "Windows" button.
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    Doesn't work in win7

    Well said, I care as well.
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    epg - no data available for all channels

    VisionPlus 1020a (dvb-s) card - PCI satellite card. Yes, I have enabled EPG data for all channels & the language English is selected as well. Found the problem. I had the region set incorrectly in my PC which gave the wrong date & time in the "program" table in the db even the computer date &...
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    epg - no data available for all channels

    I can't seem to get epg working at all using MP 1.0 with my dvb-s card. With other softwares like Mythreate & Progdvb, I can get working without doing anything. I tried many settings but without any success. I know u can download epg from web & use plugin like, XMLEPG to import to the db but...
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    Help needed to setup epg

    Thank u craigparris1 & rekenaar I FINALLY got epg working with mp. There are few manual process involved: (1) rename the xml file to tvguide.xml (2) xmltv - click import
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    Help needed to setup epg

    Hi craigparris1 Many thanks for your info.& will give a try tonight.
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    EPG Downloader Service for TV Server ONLY

    I need HELP. I have been trying in the past few days with all different settings but still getting noway. My current settings are (Test login is successful) url = data is zipped type = complex Program url Template =...
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    Help needed to setup epg

    Hi rekenaar Thanks for your replied. It is very much appreciated. For the last few days, I have been reading many posts about WebEpg & xmltv but the most I read the most get confuse. At this point, I don't any any setup to get the TVGuide yet & I simply don't know where to start. I want to...
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    Help needed to setup epg

    I am very new to MediaPortal & having problem of configuring epg to work with Oztivo. I tried XMLTV, webTV, mp-wep-interface & few others & so far having no luck at all. Can some1 kindly shows me any link/steps to configure epg using any of the plugin to work with oztivo? Thanks!
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    Self Contained Web Server / Interface

    I am very novice to all this & so please forgive my stupid questions. (1) What is correct url entry for oztivo? (2) Do I need to tick "data is zipped"? Thanks!
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    OzTivoGrabber - Australian OzTivo grabber for Foxtel plugin for TVServer

    Hi 50chickens Do u have the updated version ready for Mp 1.0 final yet?
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