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    Importer not working after wakeup

    I'm still bugged by this, my workaround has been enabling "restart mediaportal on resume" (general settings).
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    Importer not working after wakeup

    Hi, Everytime my HTPC wakes up from sleep the importer(local scan) won't run. See log attachment for error message displayed in the log when I try to manually run it via the context menu. I'm not so sure this is just me or if it's worth bug reporting so if anyone else is experiencing...
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    [fixed] Always defaults to youtube

    Yes, you were was in the (streamed MP) menu basicHome editor. Thanks!
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    [fixed] Always defaults to youtube

    Hi, everytime i enter "onlinevideos" from the Home menu it goes directly to the youtube player, how can I change/remove this ? I want it to display the menu where I choose between the different "players" (youtube/imdb trailers etc.) :S
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    Rockstar - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark&Rdio)

    Re: Rockstar Beta 1.0 - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark) :o haha, I remember playing that game, geezez I'm getting old :D
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    Alternate title problem

    I just installed 1.08, same problem. I tried renaming every "" instance in the imdb.xml script to use "" instead to hopefully force english titles, that didn't work. If you register an account on imdb you can set english titles as an account option, however the importer...
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    Online Update Scan ran during Video playback, made everything jerky

    have you set the "automatically download updated data..." in the "Online Data" section of the myTvseries config to run every hour ? I've got mine set every 12hour.
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    download subtitles to a networkdrive

    I have all my series on a network drive (samba share), I've never seen this message.
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    Re: SubtitleDownloader 2.2 hm, I just overwrote my subtitledownloader.dll (and 7z) with the 2.2 version, "Subscene" still doesn't work here. Can anyone else confirm this ?
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    Importing duplicates entries

    I've seen this too many times. I think it stopped happening when I added a 20 second delay on MP start/resume, did this to ensure Windows managed to reconnect the network drive after restarts/resume(powersave).
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    MP TV Series completely rebuilds database if my server crashes.

    I added a 20 second delay on MP startup (You find this delay option in the configuration ...General->Startup Delay) which solved this issue for me...both on reboot and resume. Edit: oh, and I also use the "Restart MP on resume" option
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    Long time to start playing a video.

    Same issue ?
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    Rss feed while watching a movie

    I see, :thx: for the info. At least I know it's in the planning ;)
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    Rss feed while watching a movie

    Hi, Are there any plugins (or options on the "infoservices" plugin that I don't know) that can announce rss news while watching a movie, like a popup some seconds and then disappear. Example scenario: i'm watching a movie and would like to get updated on some football matches :) I tried...
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    Duplicate entries on network share

    Hi, I've been experiencing an annoying "issue" with mptvseries. I have all series on a network share and this share is mounted as Q:\ . However, on rare occasions he suddenly starts to import data with an absolute path "\\\series\" and I end up with duplicates on all episodes. I...
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    Manual refresh of movies within MP?

    I don't think this is possible
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    Naming of shows and file structure questions

    I use the util to rename and always force the "Z:\TV\Stargate\Season_1\Stargate.Atlantis.S01E03.Hide.and.Seek.avi" format (I don't like whitespace in filenames). And it seems MP likes this as it has never parsed wrong or missed any episodes.
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    So I assume Xface is dead?

    I really hope not! :-|
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    patch - centralized DB fixes.

    MySQL Support would be much appreciated :-)
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    Scanning while mediaportal is running?

    No worries, it's been xmas :) Bug reported, Issue 718 - moving-pictures - Importer issue on samba share - Project Hosting on Google Code
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    Scanning while mediaportal is running?

    I see, thanks. Now, I did some testing according to your suggestions,I had the importer (config gui) open and tailed the mediaportal.log file: Test 1. Copy/Move a folder with a .avi inside, worked fine, the importer grabbed it within a couple of seconds. Test 2. Create folder, wait a couple of...
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    Scanning while mediaportal is running?

    does MP (1.0b2) see new/changed files on a network mapped drive (samba share) when running ? As in...does it only react to "local" file system changes or does it perform full scans at certain intervals ? I've yet to see it catch any of the files I've added on a mapped drive (Note: all file...
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    1.0b - Filter Editor

    Hi, Is it possible to get the "Item Selection" menu (while adding items in the "always include these movies" section) to sort by its columns title and/or year. It seems "random" now...
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    Virus Found [UPDATE: Unrelated to Moving Pictures]

    I'm also getting problems with The Good the Bad & the Ugly backdrop (among a couple of others). I'm using Avast + Win7 RC
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