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    AtmoHue - BETA - Philips Hue support for AtmoLight & AtmoWin

    Attached the log file. Sorry but i cannot answer in the next few hours.
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    AtmoHue - BETA - Philips Hue support for AtmoLight & AtmoWin

    I tried the test build an Status says: disconnected. Bridge was found using SSDP discovery method. With the WinHue software i can read the bridge settings and AtmoHue is registered in the bridge. I still cannot change the color of the bulbs with Atmohue.
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    AtmoHue - BETA - Philips Hue support for AtmoLight & AtmoWin

    Thank you for your very fast response! I tried your settings.xml without any success. (LOG: Hue has been intialized on STARTUP; RGB-Test doesnt do anything) Philips Hue Bridge is updated (SW version 01031131). It is an old bridge (circle form). I dont think that the connection is blocked by my...
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    AtmoHue - BETA - Philips Hue support for AtmoLight & AtmoWin

    Hello! As stated before i have the same problem as Pavke. I have installed atmohue on 2 different PCs. One with Windows 8 and one with Windows 10, both on the same network with the hue bridge (all connected via a router). On both PCs I have turned off the Windows firewall. On the Windows 8-PC...
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    AtmoHue - BETA - Philips Hue support for AtmoLight & AtmoWin

    Hello! I am having exactly the same problems as Pavke. Running Windows8, the program finds the bridge only when i untick the Windows 8 option. Status is always empty. When i try to find my ids, i get the message "Hue bridge is not connected". Thank you for your help!
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    Now Playing Music Fanart Mods

    yes! REALLY good work i have been waiting for something like this since ages - cant wait to download it :thx: i like version 3 best
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    playback delay with large mov-file

    Hello! I have set up a htpc for my father who wants to play .mov files (m-jpeg encoded) which he recorded with his panasonic digital camera. I installed newest Quicktime Alternative and Medialooks DirectShow Filter. Everything works fine but when i want to play large mov-files (about 8...
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    IMON IRSS Version (no official version)

    hello! i have tried this version of the irss and i have to say that i have exactly the same problem as the user above for me keyboard and mouse are working both at the same time and there is no configuration that can change this any updates or ideas on this problem?
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    Streamed MP: Community Mods & Bug Fixes

    very nice work both of you thesystemera: is it possible to download your modded files - couldnt find them in the thread
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    [MOD] FusionMP (StreamedMP with Aeon elements)

    This looks very promising i am very exited about a new music section - this is one of the weakest points of stremedmp this far looking forward to your mod
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    Aeon Chrome - Aeon Mod

    amazing skin what i have seen so far cant wait for it to be done and go public gogogo! :D
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    [6/10] Black & White 1080 v0.8

    First of all aj1405 i *really really* like your skin and i think its the best out there at the moment. But I think Soob is right and the whole color icon stuff isnt improving your skin. I have to say that i wasnt happy when you added the small icons for folders and the permanent menu with...
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    problems with ir221 since rc1

    Hello! After installing MP RC1 i have problems with my ehome-infraredreceiver which came with my srt16 from origenae Origen AE Technology - S16T HTPC Enclosure my remote: philips rc197 vista my ir receiver: philips ir221 receiver (in system it is listed as "microsoft ehome-infraredtranceiver"...
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