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    New Australian TV guide source

    mate i would like to try yours if it still open cheers
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    master and slave server

    cheers thanks for that i am all wiki'ed out tring to find answer ill get another moherboard with more pci slots and drop into one box as just client into it thanks marty
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    master and slave server

    for the life of me i carn't get the 2 servers to talk i have a master server with a twin dvb tuners and a slave server with a pvr150 card for recording is there a way to onnect to slave server to the master so the channells from both boxes appear in the tv guide selection i want to match...
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    New Australian TV guide source

    mate this is great it just works i have set it up as a scedualled task to run at night every 3 days is that the way to do it mate cheers have tried all the rest this one is basic and gets the job done cheers again looking to it getting better marty
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    EPG Downloader for TV Server

    Mate thanks for that works a treat in NSW
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    updated dvb-t card support

    dvico dual digital 4 revision 2.0 card (new hw id) - <capturecard commercialname="Dvico FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4 (Tuner 1)" capturename="Bluebird, WDM TsCapture1" devid="vid_0fe9&pid_DB98"> <capabilities tv="true" radio="false" mpeg2="true" mce="false" sw="false" bda="true" /> -...
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    DVB-T australia - coffs harbour tunning freq

    - <country name="Australia - NSW - Coffs Harbour Mt Moombil" offset="125"> <carrier frequency="585500" bandwidth="7" /> <carrier frequency="564500" bandwidth="7" /> <carrier frequency="599500" bandwidth="7" /> <carrier frequency="606500" bandwidth="7" /> <carrier...
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    videos work great but its all green

    i have installed and read all the threads about mplayer but the prob i have is that all videos the colours a are bright green everything else is ok its like the colours are swapped any ideas
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    Australian TV Guide GUI

    mate opened my mouth before i checked out this software mate you are a bloody savior the reason i havn't use media portal was the lack of and aussie epg that works did i reformat last night just waiting on my new agp card for it old one died man they are getting hard to get now mate...
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    Australian TV Guide GUI

    great work do any guides to foxtel/austar/selectv
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