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    configuration.exe starts unfocused/in background

    My MP install (0.2.3RC1) also sometimes loads out of focus, which is an annoyance. I usually start it from a key on the remote, which works via HIP. I'm not sure if that's the cause of the problem or not.
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    xmltv 2 ? (source + binary now available)

    Cheers Laban, looks to work fine with TVE SVN 15824
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    Movie/DVD OSD [Y] AND skip fwd/bkwd?

    This happens for me in TV mode as well. I agree - you should be able to use the skip controls while the OSD is visible.
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    Comskip chapter skipping

    Beauty Aaron, thanks for the tip and the quick reply.
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    Comskip chapter skipping

    Hi guys, This is a sweet development. Only one problem I can find - it works fine for me when MP is running on the same box as TVE3, but if I connect from a client machine the hotkeys don't work and Next and Previous Chapter options aren't listed on the context menu. Is this supposed to...
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    Windows suspend

    Re waking the PC - that's the problem, I need PowerScheduler enabled to do it! And then it blocks XP putting it into standby. But if I'm gleaning this correctly, PowerScheduler needs to manage standby in order to save the next wakeup task, yeah? So if just left to Windoze it mightn't wake...
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    Windows suspend

    PowerScheduler with my version of TVengine also allows you to set processes to block standby, but it's not as smart as what Windoze does. I often leave Foobar playing, knowing that when it hits the end of the playlist and stops, the PC will sleep shortly afterwards. PowerScheduler doesn't...
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    Windows suspend

    Hi all, I've installed MP 0.2.3RC1 and TVEngine3 0.2.3RC1 on XP over the weekend. It's a nice combo and TVEngine is an impressive piece of work! My server is in S3 standby much of the time, so I have Windows configured to enter this state after 10 minutes of inactivity. I found I had to...
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