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    MP1 Upgrade to 1.17 causes playback of recordings to stop

    I upgraded to MP1 1.17 and got an error when installing: "invalid file handler 32". I clicked ok and it installed anyway. Now when I playback a recording the video stops after 5 or 10 minutes but the audio continues on for a minute or so and then it locks up completely and I have to use task...
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    No Blu-ray playback without Java in 1.16?

    I just recently upgraded to MePo 1.16. My PC does not have Java installed. With previous versions, I was able to select a title from the popup list that appeared when selecting the Blu-ray under videos. Now, however, titles no longer play when selecting them from the popup list even with a BR...
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    [News] MediaPortal 1 - 1.16.0 Released!

    We've just finished the final 1.16.0 release of MediaPortal 1. Highlights of this release MediaPortal now supports BD-J Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) allows bonus content on Blu-ray discs to be far more sophisticated than bonus content provided by standard DVD. This includes network access...
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