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  1. ajs

    [solved] Latest Media Handler - Skin settings - Custom latests items number

    @catavolt @CyberSimian Try with LMH Version, put LatestMediaHandler.SkinSettings.xml to skin or theme folder ... and ... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <settings> <main> <latestscount>3</latestscount> <tvlatestscount>4</tvlatestscount> </main> </settings>
  2. Rob Hexenmeister

    [solved] Latests Media Handler - Skinning an updating window or control

    Good evening :) Can anybody think of a way of making a window reload/refresh or a skin control reload/update after a TV server stop/start event occurs? On my Basic Home window (35) I have labels which show upcoming recordings and active recordings using Latest Media Handler properties, but of...
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