1. bta489

    [solved] 5079: Music Views not sorting by discnumber anymore

    I have my music views set to sort by discnumber: It used to work as expected (one big list, starting with the first disc first to last track, then the next disc first to last track and so on). But when I browse my music now, it only sorts by tracknumber (all tracks #1 of each disc, then all...
  2. J

    Tagging recorded movies.

    I'm recording movies (TV) from MP2 and I wish to move them to my movies folder with the appropriate tags (classification, artists, etc...) How can I do it with MP2? I did not find any plugin. I may have missed trivial information :) Thank
  3. PrinzValium

    Importing movie files with help of mediainfo tags

    Hi, I'm pretty new to MyFilms so I might have overseen it. All my movie files have a IMDB and TMDB tag which can be read by mediainfo. Is it possible to let the grabber check and use these tags for the importing process? edit: I decided to scrape everything with Ember Media Manager. This seems...
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