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I noticed that in compared to that it complains about some fields being blank and while that is nice to help a person complete the configure process. It is annoying when I first went to plugins and disabled things like My Videos, My TV, My Radio, etc (since I have no TV card here at work and am using it for slideshows, MP3s and weather only), and then since there is no APPLY button, I then only configure the plugins I left enabled and click OK, but then it complains about the blank playlists for movies, my videos, etc when I disabled them under plugins. So it seems that maybe there should be an apply or "restart config" on the plugins section so that it knows that disabled features don't need to be configured.

I know this is a silly concern when it doesn't matter if I complete the configure process on features that are disabled, since it will just not use those anyways when I run MP after it's configured. And it's probably not important to change that now in the development process. Or maybe it's the perfect time to change it, I don't know.

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