0.2RC1 with CVS from 27-10-2005 (1 Viewer)


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September 3, 2005

I just installed 0.2RC1 with CVS snapshot from 27-10-2005 and it seems that the TVGuide doesn't work in this version or did I do something wrong ?.
If I install and use MPW (the webthing) I do have a TVGuide there but not inside MP.
BTW! It doesn't seem to know my TV Channels either when in My TV (there are no channels to switch between), so I guess I must do something wrong here, and yes I did set them up in the setup program with manual frequency settings (I'm on a local cable-tv) !

I'm in Denmark and use o2grabber.

The TV-card is a Hauppage PVR-500 with prerelease drivers from 24-10-2005

PS! Worked with MP


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