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April 11, 2005
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As I am not yet sure where the problem is, I am not yet making a bug-report on google code.

Some background: I am running MP with latest SVN on 3 different desktops (all 3 running Vista) and one laptop (running XP). My main MP machine is connected to an LG TV with 1360x768 resolution. Both other machines are using LCD computer-displays at 1920x1200. The laptop also is running at 1920x1200. So they are 16x10 as opposed to 16x9 for the main MP.

On this main MP I have an issue with TV serie episodes with a long name that should overflow to the next line. This works as it should on every machine, except for the 16x9 display. It works on any machine, including the 16x9 display, if I run in windowed mode. Just to exclude some weird difference in my MP setup, I just tried by copying the whole /program files/team mediaportal/mediaportal from the 16x9 to one of the 16x10 computers.

Whenever the "overflow" malfunctions on the 16x9, there is something like a number 1 appearing in the bottom right-hand corner.

Can anyone confirm this ? Does anyone have an explanation for this ?

First screenshot is the expected output, taken from the 16x9 in windowed mode. Second screenshot is from the same machine, after doing ALT-ENTER to go into fullscreen. [It is exactly the same if I startup in full-screen and then ALT-ENTER to windowed]


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