1 entry in TVGuide for 1 channel in multituner type (1 Viewer)


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November 20, 2004
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The multituner works fine when you have 2 similar type of card. (2 analog tuners or 2 DVB tuners)

In fact, my exact problem is this one.

I have 2 hauppauge pvr150 cards. 1 for analog programs, one for my settop box via SVHS.

Some channels exists on both sources.

Because settings are linked directly to the channel (or direct tuner or external), I have to enter the same channel twice and find a way to populate this channel twice for the TVGuide. :(

I dont know (because I dont have this kind of card) if MP is able to find good settings for the good card when you try to map a channel for example on 1 analog tuner and 1 DVB-T tuner ?

I know, it would be a big modification in Database and core structure to split internal and external channel description.

It would be the occasion to add real channel number access support instead the index one.

To be complete.

When I will have the feature implemented in MP, I will set the priorities (in the TV card configuration) to record first on TVcard link to the settop box because the image quality is better.

But I would like to change this preference when I plan to view another channel in live on my settop box. Maybe by choose the source in record settings.


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