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I suggest to implement an 16:9 mode for the picture viewer. Especially if you use an modern output device (16:9 TFT, Plasma, CRT etc.) this would be an unique feature against most others applications on the market.

I'm always wondering why such an simple idea wasn't featured until now. The 16:9 format is much more near the origin photo formats e.g. 10x15 then an ugly, old 4:3 view with an "anyway how nice the Ken Burns effect is, it only scrolls through the content and fills only 66% of the screen by that".



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January 1, 2005
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try to set the AR to 1 in the settings. i have also an 42" 16:9 Plasma TV, and the HTPC connected via DVI to the Plasma. My HTPC has an Resolution of 800x600 (no 16:9 Format). I set the AR to 1 and my Pictures use the hole Screen. When i set AR to 1:16 (a "perfect rectangle"), the my Pictures look like 4:3 with boarders at the left and ride.

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