2 Feature Requests & 2 "minor" Bugs

Discussion in 'My Films' started by TomasDR, November 22, 2008.

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    First I want to say I value your plugin. I run MediaPortal on several PCs in the house and your plugin is much easier to use then the "My Videos" of the MP base install. Well actually it's the ANT Movie Catalog that's much easier but since your plugin handles the xml export...

    Minor bug 1: When adding Length to sort by the sorting is incorrect. 100 is before 99 minutes since 1 is before 9. The plugin cannot recognize the full value.

    Minor bug 2: I like the new horizontal star rating and actually adapted it to the list/filmstrip/icon layout view rather then the vertical stars. The minor bug is if the rating is X.0 then one lower star is displayed then the correct amount. (eg. 7.0 = 6 stars, 6.0 = 5 stars)

    Feature Request 1: In relation to above is there any way to incorporate a half star so a rating of 7.5 would display 7 and half stars? Maybe use a scale of 7.0 - 7.4 = 7.0 stars, 7.5 - 7.9 = 7.5 stars.

    Feature Request 2: In the Switch View feature when you select Year, Genres, Country, or optional values, the list can only be sorted by "name". Could it be possible to also sort by the value, this would be very nice especially for an optional sort item such as "Actors" and then you can see which actors are the most prevalent in our catalogs.

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  3. zebons

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    January 2, 2006
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    Use the field Length_num for that ;)

    It's a standard MP control. So your asking must be done to the MP core Team...

    Not so easy to do... I'll take a look about but cann't promise anything...

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