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July 6, 2007
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Some EPG data in xml file doesn't match with realshow/webpage info.

e.g.: RTL2 broadcast every week day (Fernsehprogramm von TVinfo - sehen was läuft - Fernsehprogramm heute auf RTL2)

15:45 Naruto

16:05 Hinterm Sofa an der Front - Episode 1
16:05 Hinterm Sofa an der Front - Episode 2
17:00 Still Standing - Episode 1
17:00 Still Standing - Episode 2
18:00 Immer wieder Jim - Episode 1
18:00 Immer wieder Jim - Episode 2

19:00 next show

xml file contains "Naruto" from 15:45 till 19:00

think the problem is that the two following show has both same start time.
Isn't it possible to just use one of both instead of ignoring them completely?

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