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October 23, 2006
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I can't get media portal to work with 2 tuners.

Both work when the other is deselected using the tick boxes in the config, but if i try to record on channel and watch one it just locks up, goes black then nothing!!

I've tried every configuration of the cards:

1 - live, 1 - record
2 - live, 2 record
2 - live, 1 record
1 - live, 2 record

And ive tried chaging the priority and I get the same result regardless!!

I'm using and ive tried a few different svn's, both are dvb cards and as i said work fine alone,

1 x Hauppauge 1300 HVR
1 x Compro T-300

Anyone have any ideas??


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October 23, 2006
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Yeah I use xp. I applied the patch, and not i cant get any tv at all!!

It just says failed to create graph and a second dialog box says some thing about a mpeg2 pin??

Im gonna have to do a new install I think!!


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  • February 16, 2005
    It all should work (many others have success).
    don't forget that you should be able to use system restore to get back to the earlier stage.

    With the Compro, it works best if you use it in the very last PCI slot. This is due to the way motherboards assign resources.
    What I found was that I also had to disale any unused items in the BIOS as my two cards were running out of resources for IRQs,etc.
    If you don't need them, then disable LPT1, COM ports and any thing else you can think of.
    TV cards can really hog these system resources, which may be why they don't like working together.


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    October 23, 2006
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    This is no longer a problem for me as I have a tv server setup that is now working fantastic!!

    I don't know what the problem was with the previous tv engine tho I tried serveral time and had the same result everytime, i tried a fresh install, i tried the Microsoft patch from the above thread, all no joy!!

    Hopefully it won't matter to me any more as I'm hoping to stick with the tv server now, however I said this 2 weeks ago then had some major headaches!!

    Thanks for everyones input.


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