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March 17, 2008
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I've just started to come across something pretty annoying, I'm totally clueless of the cause so far, could be multiple things. First things first my issue;
I have a Logitech X-540, 5.1 speakerset (I know not the greatest but it's good enough for movies) for about a year, together with an X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard. Till yesterday morning all was working fine. After that all of a sudden the front right channel plays only thru the subwoofer.
I thought it might have to do with cables so swapped them with spare one I had lying around, same deal. Then I decided to swap PCI slots, same deal. I also reinstalled the drivers and running a driversweeper run in between.
I'm kinda thinking the front left port on the sub (where I connect the sattelite to) is broken. I always noticed / knew there's a lot of crossover from the sub and speakers (low and hig freq). It could be this behaviour with the front right channel playing thru the sub was always there but I haven't noticed it before.

I'm thinking to buy a new set, maybe creative T6200?
Do you guys know of a way to figure this one out?

I swapped rear left with front right just to test the front right speaker. Then it's the same deal on rear left, that's why expect the subwoofer connection.

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