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July 2, 2005
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....about the people who expect Media Portal to work flawlessly as soon as they install it, and then complain when there's small issues/problems.

Perhaps it's because they don't take the time to read and learn about MP first. Perhaps it's because they don't understand that MP is still BETA software and there are inherant problems that come with BETA software.

People whine that Media Portal doesn't sometimes work out of the box, while <insert software title here> does. How much does that software title cost you? How much development has gone into that software title? What version is that software title? How much money has gone into the development of that software title?? How many people work full time on a daily basis on that software title?

THINK ABOUT IT!! The people working on Media Portal are doing it on their own time. They aren't getting paid, they aren't supporting themselves by working on Media Portal, they're most likely working a full time job which isn't even related to Media Portal!

Although Media Portal hasn't been around that long, it's positioned to competely overturn the whole market of HTPC software because of the incredible people working together to make in an unbeatable piece of software!

Those of you who want to bitch, whine, and moan, go buy your other piece of software, and try not to choke in Media Portal's dust! I've used eight to ten different software titles including:

Media Center Edition 2005

I've even purchased Snapstream Beyond TV because at the time it was the best of the worst (I've since stopped using this program and am running Media Portal full time).

Media Portal has more potential then any of these software titles, and has features which either rival or compare to them.


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