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August 26, 2005
I did some searching and found all kinds of DirecTV related posts but it seems that all were with regard to how to record from DirecTV, control the reciever through the serial port, or trying to get the USB port control to work.

What I did not find and I think would be a handy feature is the ability to play the recordings which are on the DirecTV server (which is networked) on any Mediaportal machine in the house. This way (for example) my kid could watch his Naruto cartoons in his own room while not hogging the TV in the family room.

I'm not experienced in finding how this works...but if someone could lend a hand, I have the DirecTV software installed which allows me to view the recordings from a PC. Wouldn't all we need is the codecs to view? Whatever they use, ffdshow or anything else I've tried doesn't work...just their proprietary software...which it appears the codecs are made by Cyberlink.

This is in the dll path in an ini file in the DirecTV program files folder.


Would those dlls be the codecs used? There is also a file that looks like it relates to the AACS (MKB_RW.inf).

Is anything possible with this? I haven't tried moving those cyberlink files out and registering them manually to see if mediaplayer will play them. I'll do that this week, but just looking for input.

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