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July 8, 2007
There's a channel that, for some reason, doesn't get picked up when I do a channel scan with my OTA antenna. The tower for this channel is located at the same place as towers for other channels that come in fine.

So I would like to add this channel in MediaPortal's configuration program (in the Television -> TV Channels section). However, that screen is asking for lots of information that I'm not 100% sure on, namely physical channel number, major channel, minor channel, and transport id. Also, there's lots of "required" fields that get populated with default values, and I'm not sure which ones really need to be specified.

Where's the definitive source for this information regarding a particular TV station?

If it helps, this is for the FOX affiliate in the San Francisco/Oakland area, call letters KTVU.

P.S. If anyone can actually point me to a place that would have ALL this information for every channel in a particular region (in my case, the SF Bay Area), that'd be awesome.



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May 28, 2006
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Same here, I'd like the Casema info in Amersfoort in DVB-C

I called Casema, but they did not want to give up the info, they say that they do not support TV via PC and that it will not work haha! I can really prove that it works (except just 2 channels)


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April 24, 2007
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I think I found all the channels, well, at least I have all the channels I want to watch so I don't miss anything. I havent checked if actually all the channels really are there.
I just miss the audio for some channels (Eurosport, MotorsTV, Discovery Science and more). Maybe this is a splitter problem...

I actually miss all of my HD channels. :( Is there a way to figure out all the required info of the HD channels so I can manually add them and mediaportal can show them?


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September 2, 2007
I'm having this same problem. No idea on physical channel number, major channel, minor channel, transport id, etc.


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    the TV part of MediaPortal 0.2.x.x

    h.264/dvb-s2 is supported in TV-Server.

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