Adesso RF keyboard, how to map a few keys in MP? (1 Viewer)


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November 29, 2008
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I have one of these keyboards and it works great in MCE: Adesso --> Home , it works without any special keyboard driver (and RF is realy nice). I've searched and read numerous threads before posting this but I cannot find the answers.

The only snag is getting it working with the Green Button and the some multimedia control keys. Most keys work with the General HID but not all, if I choose MCE remote most of the control buttons do not work. Any tips on how to config MediaPortal so this keyboard works? I tried to figure out the 'Mapping" in the Configuration app but there is nothing obvious to fix my keys that do not respond.

Keys that do not work in General HID:
Green Button - doesn't launch MP or if running MP, doesn't take you to the "home" page
Mute - have to double click then it works
|< - nothing happens
>| - nothing happens
<< - nothing happens
>> - nothing happens​

I disabled the Green Button so MCE doesn't run, tried the MPTray plugin, it runs in the background but doesn't respond to the Green Button. If I can "map" those keys somehow that will be the end of MCE for me

Mike S


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March 26, 2009
have you had any luck with this yet? I just bought the same keyboard and there re many things I can't fix that I would think would be simple. For example, the MY TV, MY VIDEO, MY PICTURE, MY MUSIC AND LIVE TV buttons at the top should launch the corresponding modules in MP. They work in MCE but when I select the MCE keyboard or any keyboard for hat matter in the MP configs, they do nothing at all. Also, the scroll wheel is clickable and it should "select" just like the enter key and it doesn't. I would like the back button to work like the escape key when working in menus, and of course as you mentinoed, the green button should launch MP or take you straight to th home screen.
oI'm not talking about many buttons here but for the life of me i can't seem to make it work!


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November 29, 2008
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I gave up on getting the Adesso and MP to get along, I love the keyboard, not so crazy about MP, though I still have it installed. I'll look at what I did and post in a bit, I did some sort of custom keyboard mapping. I never got the Green button to work from XP


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September 1, 2009
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any word on getting yr adesso rf keyboard working well with mp? i too would really like to use the fast forward and rewind keys for their purposes. i'm kinda disappointed with how difficult it is to map keys especially when the plugin doesn't recognize them. wish i could be more helpful, i'm still in the learning phases of mp.

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