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November 30, 2004

I use Media Portal mainly for listening to music. As I have tons of MP3s I would like to see a filter tool allowing me to select the files I want. A friend of mine has a Terratec C.A.R. 4000 which allows to filter the files on the HD according to filters. Something in the way:

rating = higher than 3 AND year = earlier than 1990 AND genre = (rock OR pop)

I have some ideas about how such an interface could be designed but I have no programming skills. If anybody is interested I could write some more lines about which filters I think would be helpful and specify the design ideas. I don't know how the mp3 collection is represented in the code and if it would be possible to make such queries at all.

To my knowledge no other HTPC software has such a tool. In my opinion having such a feature would put a lot of attention to this software from people who use Media Players mainly to listen to music.

Any ideas or comments?


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