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Hello all,

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

I'm planning to build an HTPC as soon as I can work out what would be the best setup to go with. I've trawled the forums and I'm a bit confused.

I want to be able to watch and record Digital FTA (2 channels) at the same time. I also want to be able to watch or record Foxtel.

I think I need 2 digital tuners, plus an analog tuner with video-in or maybe I will use the RF signal from Foxtel into it?

Will Media Portal handle this? (I know MCE will not deal with both digital and analog tuners).

Can anyone recommend a card mix that will give me the above? has anyone in Aus set up a box to do the above and is it humming along nicely?

Any help gratefully received!



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February 15, 2005
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I don't personally have the set-up you're after, but I think you will need something like 2 fusionHDTV cards, with one of them being a "plus" version, that includes analogue inputs for your Foxtel.

I think one or two of the guys around here have that setup. There were some issues with 2 fusion cards working together, but I think that has been sorted out (do a search on the forums).

Also might want to check out the Digital TV Cards DBA forums and see what the guys there do for a setup you're after ().

TIP: spend a few days searching the forums initially - it will help!


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May 19, 2005
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I have DVICO FustionHDTV Lite (PCI) and an AVerTV 2.0 USB Plus for my Optus cable.

This means I can record HDTV and watch Optus cable (including all free-to-air feeds) or vice versa. I didn't see any need to go any more hardcore than that. This would work with Fox too - although I understand some Fox digital subscribers don't get channels 7 and 10 any more?

I'm still getting problems with audio in Media Portal on the AverTV box (finding time to troubleshoot is tricky these days!).

Cheers, Doug.


Thanks guys - it's beginning to get clearer in my tiny mind! I actually don't have Fox yet but will probably add it sometime soon.

Maybe I'll just go with a couple of Digital tuners for the mo (I'm thinking Hauppage Nova-T-MCE's - seems like they're a pretty solid offering) and add an analog one later when/if I need it for Fox.

Johnny Utah

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January 11, 2005
I have a hauppauge MCE500 and a Hauppauge Nova-T MCE. The combination of these 2 allows me to record/watch Digital FTA, Analog stations, or Foxtel (fed in through the Composite inputs on the MCE500).

All in all, quite a workable solution (although a little pricey!) I have noticed a new Avermedia card that has both a digital and analog tuner onboard (inlcuding composite inputs) so that might be another option, especially if teamed up with a standard Avermedia digital capture card (and certainly much more affordable).

I hope that helps a little :D


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    Problem with the digital/analogue combinations is they lack a hw mpeg2 encoder for the analogue portion.

    I went with a 150mce and a nova-t and it works well. Decided to go for another identical Nova-T and it seems dual dvb still needs a little work.


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    wow..thats pretty hoping Dvico releases one too

    however only 1 of these sets will be active at any 1 time :
    1. Antenna point or
    2. Composite+audioR+L or
    3. S-video+audioR+L

    So u cant record TV and watch the Svideo connection..doesnt work that way


    Callifo - can you enlighten me further here? You say "Decided to go for another identical Nova-T and it seems dual dvb still needs a little work." - so my plan is flawed it would seem. 2x Nova-Ts was may plan until reading that.

    What's the prob with MP and dual DVBs?

    Anyone got 2x DVBs working smoothly with MP?

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