After Twinhan released driver for DVBS, I tried MCE2005 (1 Viewer)


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March 12, 2005
At last Twinhan released a BDA driver that emulate DVB-T so I can run my Twinhan DVB-S on Windows Media Center Edition..

When I opened MCE 2005 for the first time I was like WOW (I have been MP forever, never saw MCE before).

The starting animation was so cool, and the switch effects between menus were awesome. Everything was cool, the support of messenger inside MCE was cool, the left list that show online contacts is very good.. at last I can chat while watching TV while MP Messenger dose not work with me anymore since long time..
And the most things I impressed with were how fast I can switch the channels, I was like wow, can I switch the channels that fast, is that possible!! And I found it is possible with MCE.. So I decided to keep using MCE 2005 and ignore MP..

But guess what.. After one day, I missed MP, and back to best HTPC system with MP on it :)

Why I did that, because I believe in MP, and the programs who spend lot of time making something good for us, and it will be better than MCE one day, because in many ways it is better now, small things like messenger do not working or the slow while switching channels, will be fixed soon..

What makes MP, really good is this forum, while programmers listen to people, and know what they really need, talk with them, try to give support for free..


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