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January 9, 2008
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EDIT: I added the following two attachments and removed one attachment. Apply the fp1 (fixpack1) patch on top of the original (it's an incremental patch and only contains diffs for two source files). Simply replace the GUISpinButton implementation with the attached fp1 version.

Added attachments: GUISpinButton_fp1.cs, all_changes_patch_fp1.patch
Removed attachments: GUISpinButton.cs

  • Fixed a bug in the CheckButton that prevented correct detection of the control being selected (or not).
  • Added SpinButton x,y "spin text" offset allowing for fine tuning the text position of the value of the control.
  • Fixed bug in event handling of SpinButton.
  • Fixed inadvertent changes in GUILabelControl that broke the TvPlugin.

Mr Hipp (and all),

Attached is a roll up of all of my pending/incorporated patches since 23209 plus a few more as noted below. This patch can be applied against 23209 to get all of the changes in one shot :D

This roll up contains these pending/incorporated patches:


This roll up also contains patches for the following items:

1. fade label button fix - fixes a problem with my patch incorrectly adding the wrap string when scrolling is not necessary.
2. label shadow fix - fixes a problem with detection of whether or not a shadow should be drawn (fix is more efficient than orig impl).
3. spin button control (new) - adds a new control similar to updownbutton but with different styling options and behavior (different enough that I really needed a new control). Will post complete description later - for now, have a look at the attached source code and the attached picture ;-)

Hope this helps in bringing all this work to the benefit of others. Thanks to all for your help! :D



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