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March 28, 2008
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I get more and more movies with multiple language tracks and audio tracks with commentary. It would be super if we could in "Movie Manager" tab, in the field of Language, could add several language and commentary tracks. And then in the future be able to search for , as an example, "Spanish" and find all the movies with "only" Spanish audio tracks, and also the films that have both English and Spanish audio tracks (even if the English track is the "main" one).

I have searched the Moving Pictures forum, but don't find much about this. Is this something that is on the way?



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    AW: Allow multiple languages in the language category (like the Genres category works



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    November 2, 2008
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    Re: Allow multiple languages in the language category (like the Genres category works

    I've started working on this and issue #982
    I'll try to convince the powers that-be to include it into moving-pictures once finished :)

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