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May 17, 2006
<PHOTOS to be uploaded when I get home from work>


Looking to sell my mint condition HTPC as I've returned to the darkside of MAC after a brief visit back to windoze world. System is in mint condition, full working order. I'm based in Berkshire, UK.

High end PC + LC20 case + Licenced PVR/Media Center Software + Sky TV controller

NOTE: I can ship the product with windows in tact so you can demo it but you will need to install you're own copy of windows as I'm not selling the windows licence.

System is as follows;

AMD 64 bit 3.2 Ghz processor (cpu attached with silicone solution)

Zallman Super flower cpu cooler

600+ gig of HDD's (samsung spinpoints)

16x Dual Layer DVD burner (Liteon, very quite)

1 gig (PC400 DDR) Ram

Hauppauge PVR150 TV card (can plug you're sky box into this and control it via it's RF2 input)

Winfast DTV1000 Freeview card

PSU - Seasonic 430W Quite PSU

Motherboard - ASUS A8N-VM-CSM NF430, S939, PCI-E (6150 graphics onboard, will drive full 1080i HDTV)

Silverstone fan controller - hidden under the front door, can control cpu fan and case fan. Depending on intended use can be rigged to run near silent.
Extra exhaust fan is installed but can be disconnect if too noisy.

Microsoft media center remote + Receiver

All comes in a very nice Silverstone LC 20 media centre case in brushed aluminum (see link). Boxed with all driver disks and manuals for all components.

Software wise. I will supply an "evaluation" copy of windows xp media center edition but you will need to re-install you're own.

Will also throw in the following fully licensed software,

Beyond TV - Media center PVR software (Media portal won't work with the sky channel changer :-(

BeyondMedia - Plays and organizes your movies and music on you're TV

Nvidia Bronze DVD decoder SW - Allows DVD playback

MacAfee Virus suite

Nero burning software

Power DVD - DVD player

ALSO - USB controlled that allows the HTPC to change channels on a UK sky tv set top box via rf2 input, no IR hassels.

Looking for offers . . .


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May 17, 2006
I've got an offer for £500 but the person doesn't want to pay me for a month so not accepted it as yet.


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