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  • November 8, 2008
    Ive spent a lot of time trying to get ad-skipping working properly on OZ tv using Comskip. Have been through a bunch of ini files and have done edits but never had much success - the main problem being that the ad-skipping would work either on the Commercial stations and not SBS or vice versa. After posting in a few forums and asking around over a period of months I finally found one which seems to work pretty well. So far its detected all the ads on all stations from the shows I have recorded.

    I cant take any credit for the work. This has all been done by Phredeaux, one of the developers of MCEBUDDY

    MCEBuddy 1.0.8 Commercial Removal Update - MCEBuddy

    This particular ini is current and working with Australian TV ad-transitions as of March 2009

    I am using it with 80.014

    Just wanted to pass on the information for anyone looking for a working solution.


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