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July 5, 2005
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In the new setup wizard included inside MP (settings/Setup Wizard) there is a dialog in which you can configure automatically all your channels by selecting your Coutry/City/Provider. As you can see in my signature there is a thread speaking about submitting your channels so they will be available. I spent some time creating this file for my provider (has not been included atm).

Don't know who is in charge of that ? (frodo I think)

Seeing that is was not included I thought perhaps it was corrupted so I searched a way to test it. First I tried to understand where was these informations stored (searched xml files everywhere in MP directory and then I downloaded the sources, no success either). And the I had a look inside the :)

The files are located on sourceforge's server :roll: I could try to search them for a long time on my HDD ^_^

Here they are :

For me it's ok to have them online but I was thinking of the guys who don't have internet on their way to use this :-(

Here are the modified version please upload them so I can use it next time I reinstall MP :D - Orvin - Cablecom.xml


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August 13, 2005
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I've also sent the infos of my cable provider to Frodo, but it's also not available in 0.2rc. Hope someone will add the infos too, so we can test it before the final version of 0.2 is available.


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  • April 4, 2005
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    Hi guys,

    I have created a small program for the XML file creation. You can download it from the MP Download. It is called TVSetUp2XML.

    Have fun with it. :)


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